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Alabama-Oregon Would Be Best BCS Title Game


There is a developing situation in college football where I wish the playoff system was making an appearance this season over beginning in 2014. There are four undefeated teams right now with Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame. It is looking more and more likely than those four teams all finish with undefeated records. If you like chaos in the BCS, this would be it.

We all know that only the top two count for anything in this system with teams 3 & 4 left out in the dark. The question now becomes who will be the top two teams if all four do end up being undefeated. It is obvious that Alabama will make it with the power of the Southeastern Conference and their schedule. The question will be who should be No. 2 when the final games are completed?

My hope is that it is Oregon with that exciting offense that just put up 62 points this weekend at USC. It would definitely be a difference in styles if that game happened with a strong defense at Alabama. I also think though that Oregon is the only team that would have a chance to beat Alabama. Kansas State could be without Collin Klein depending on his injury from Saturday night and Notre Dame can’t be trusted with a freshman quarterback in the biggest game of his life. Notre Dame did have a big win at Oklahoma and made the big rally at home against Pittsburgh this past week but the Fighting Irish are a high-wire act who could fall at any moment.

I want chaos and all four teams to finish undefeated but if that happens, I really hope the fans get the best quality game. The best game right now would be Alabama-Oregon with Kansas State-Notre Dame playing each other in another bowl game. That way we get the best of both worlds with the best four playing one another. It’s just too bad there wouldn’t be another game after that.