From 'Glory' to Gory: The Eagles' Side of the Notre Dame-BC Story

By Tom O'Toole
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Unlike the over-hyped pregame sites dedicated to Michigan, Stanford and Oklahoma (especially Oklahoma),, a Boston College fan’s staple, is far less optimistic. Still, in their very pragmatism, they offer a far more realistic version of the pitfalls the Notre Dame Fighting Irish face this week.

Indeed, the opening line of their latest article, “Notre Dame at Boston College: Opening Line and The Basics,” pretty much says it all. “Whether 7-2 or 2-7, whenever Notre Dame is on the schedule, people at Boston College notice.”

For the uninitiated, this year’s Eagle squad is the latter, but in this “Holy War” rivalry, records hardly matter.

“Much like last year when these two teams met, the Eagles have very little…to play for [except] the tenure of head coach Frank Spaziani (who is 0-3 against the Irish) and pride.” Meanwhile “in Notre Dame’s case, they’ve got a perfect season and potential national championship bid on the line.”

But with the possibility of a bowl bid lost with BC’s loss to future Notre Dame opponent Wake Forest last week, will playing for pride and the coach’s life be enough?

“Joe,” the article’s author, acknowledges that this storyline has had some impact in Vegas, stating, “[t]he bookies have recognized this and…an embarrassing opening point spread [of] Notre Dame -20…has fallen in early betting to -18.5.” Still, the BC-backer admits dismally that, “Given how the Irish have had their close calls recently, a spread this big is…as much a statement of how bad BC is [as] how good is Notre Dame,” concluding with, “It will be a tough game.”

But if even a wounded Eagle has pride, surely a damaged Boston College is the most dangerous. If the Irish allow the Eagles to hang around, the surly primetime Boston crowd will surely “notice,” and Notre Dame will be in for another fight to the finish. The Irish must shoot the Eagles down early, rather than tempt fate again late.


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