Notre Dame Fans Seeing Double on Pitt's Missed Field Goal

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Matt Cashore – US PRESSWIRE

Many new college football fans often see multiple players wearing the same number and wonder how this can be legal. Can’t a team only have one No. 2?

Of course, those well-versed in the sport know that as long as only a single player wearing one of those numbers is on the field at any given time, there’s absolutely no problem. If you were watching closely when the Pittsburgh Panthers nearly knocked off the still-undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish and had been drinking adult beverages, you might have checked the number of empty containers around.

After Notre Dame running back Cierre Wood fumbled when trying to dive for a touchdown in the second overtime stanza, Pittsburgh scrambled and came up with a turnover that could’ve rocked the BCS standings and sent the Fighting Irish for a tumble.

The Panthers lined up for a field goal attempt that would topple Brian Kelly‘s team under the watchful eyes of Touchdown Jesus, but the kick sailed and Notre Dame would eventually win the contest 29-26 in the third overtime period.

The question is: Should they have?

The Chicago Tribune reports that Kelly takes full responsibility for the error. “Just bad coaching. We have an easy way for us to make sure this doesn’t happen again. They won’t be on the field (together) again. It’s on me now,” Kelly was quoted as saying. You’ve got to appreciate a coach’s willingness to come out publically and admit he did a poor job of coaching under such circumstances.

The Luck of the Irish, indeed.

Brandon Cavanaugh is a college football columnist for Rant Sports and member of the Football Writers Association of America. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and join in on the conversation.

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