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ACC Football Power Rankings for Week 11

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Woody's High Five - ACC Football Power Rankings for Week 11

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If you want to know everything and every reason why ACC Football gets absolutely zero respect in the BCS Rankings then you are going to love Woody’s High Five for Week 11.

As a tease, let’s just say that the statistics have finally evened out in the ACC Football Power Rankings.

And once you get past No. 2, it is clear the issues the ACC have runs very, very deep…

In fact, now is a great time to take a little historical look at the rankings over the first 11 weeks…

Eight different teams have held one of the Top 5 spots in Woody’s High Five in the ACC Football Power Rankings. Those eight teams are: 10th-ranked Florida State Seminoles, 13th-ranked Clemson Tigers, North Carolina Tar Heels, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Virginia Tech Hokies, Duke Blue Devils, Duke Blue Devils and Boston College Eagles.

FSU, Clemson and North Carolina have been in the Top 5 every week with the ‘Noles coming in at No. 1 11 weeks in a row.

No surprise about the Seminoles, Tigers and Tar Heels. They all have been the only consistent teams in the league both via the stats and the eyeball test.

And no one has been close to catching these three…

In fact, that is the main problem facing the ACC…

At this point in the season when you look at the conference standings, it should match up pretty well with the statistical power rankings.

These two in the ACC are not anywhere in the same zip code…

Due to its sanctions, Carolina is not eligible this season and that is a kill for the ACC as there is not another team capable or worthy to square up against the ‘Noles or Tigers in the ACC Championship Game.

Right now the Miami Hurricanes are leading the Coastal Division and hold their fate in their own hands. If they win, they are in…

But Miami has not made a Top 5 all season and are at their highest rank at No. 6 all season but are still 3.7 points away from 5th-place.

On the flip side, there are two teams tied for 4th-place this week with a 20.59 average with one of the teams completely done in the race for a division title while the other is in serious condition and is on life support.

It’s just poor on so many different levels…

So who are this week’s ACC Football Power 5?

Click away and see who the studs are in Woody’s High Five for Week 11…

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No. 4 (tie) - Virginia Tech Hokies (20.59)

#5-#4 tie
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

How sad is it for the ACC that the Virginia Tech Hokies are still in Woody’s High Five despite being 5th-place in the Coastal Division.

It’s down right troubling…

But despite being 2-3 in conference and 4-5 overall, the Hokies have been able to put together enough good stats to make the Top 5.

Virginia Tech is 3rd in the league in passing defense and 4th in scoring defense to lead the charge.

The Hokies are best in the ACC with a strength of schedule coming in at No. 41 nationally.

So, as a whole, not bad stats…

But not good either…

With these numbers, Virginia Tech should be more in the 8th or 9th power slot and not tied for 4th.

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No. 4 (tie) - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (20.59)

#4 - #4
Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

And with a huge 33-13 victory this past Saturday over the sinking Maryland Terrapins, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets creep back into Woody’s High Five for Week 11.

And the entire ACC mourns…

It is still unclear exactly how the Jackets became as bad as they did for a stretch of the 2012 season.

Tech is still being carried by its offense and running attack as they are tops in the league in rushing, 4th in both total offense and scoring offense and 3rd in passing efficiency.

The key to the Yellow Jackets making it back in the Top 5 has been due in large part to their improved defense.

Since the firing of Defensive Coordinator Al Groh, Tech as improved its team defense numbers by two or three slots.

Not enough to begin to think the Jakcets are back…

But enough to get the job done…

Mathematically, Georgia Tech is still alive to win the Coastal Division

But they are going to need a lot of help…

Basically, the Jackets need to beat the North Carolina Tar Heels this weekend and the Duke Blue Devils and need to get the Miami Hurricanes to lose it’s last two.

Probably a dream, but they are still technically alive!

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No. 3 - North Carolina Tar Heels (12.76)


It was predicted that the bye week would hurt the overall rankings of the North Carolina Tar Heels in Woody’s High Five.

The Tar Heels moved up in a couple of categories, including up to No. 2 in scoring defense, but took a big slide to No. 9 in passing defense.

Carolina is at No. 16 in the nation in points scored and is No. 25 in rushing nationally.

But the one gap for Carolina is in its strength of schedule where the Tar Heels come in at 72nd in the nation.

Not good at all…

And with North Carolina and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets set to do battle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, things could get really interesting for a lot of teams with just a single conference game remaining.

It is just a shame the Tar Heels will not get a shot at the Coastal Division Crown with the consistent season it has put up on the field under First-Year Head Coach Larry Fedora.

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No. 2 - Clemson Tigers (11.29)


And the world of the ACC is back right again…

Yes the 13th-ranked Clemson Tigers are back at No. 2 in Woody’s High Five for Week 11.

Clemson leaped over the North Carolina Tar Heels thanks to a 56-20 victory over the then Coastal Division Leading Duke Blue Devils.

In the game, the Tigers put up 718 yards of total offense and held the Blue Devils to just a 20 points.

The Clemson defense has improved each week and is not 4th in scoring defense and 7th in total defense.

Still not something to write home to mama about, but you can see the Tigers are just getting stronger each week.

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No. 1 - Florida State Seminoles (6.94)

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

And in the no surprise of the week, the 10th-ranked Florida State Seminoles come in again at No. 1 in Woody’s High Five for Week 11.

The ‘Noles are still No. 1 in 8-of-the-10 team categories with only a 2nd-place ranking in rushing offense and a 3rd-place ranking in passing offense…

Just silly numbers…

Nationally, FSU is 26th in passing, 14th in rushing, 3rd in points for and 3rd in points against. The ‘Noles are 57th in the nation in strength of schedule.

But everyone of these stats will be put to the test as the Semioles prepare to travel to Blacksburg, Virginia, to face the Virginia Tech Hokies in the dreaded Thursday Night ESPN Spotlight Game where upsets are born.


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