Can Virginia Tech Salvage the 2012 Season?

By Ryan McCart
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Virginia Tech fans have a great many reasons to worry about this season: a 4-5 record, a stagnant offense, an inaccurate quarterback and a great many other things. Unfortunately, for those same fans, they aren’t getting much to hope for the future from the Hokies head coach.

In an interview released on Sunday morning, Frank Beamer said that at this point the Hokies were simply playing for “pride”. The interview was with Virginia Tech radio commentator Mike Burnop and was recorded right after the Hokies Thursday night loss to the Miami Hurricanes. So, as can only be expected, the mood of the entire interview was downtrodden and somber.

However, this is not what proud Hokies everywhere want to hear. The 10-win season streak (a streak that dated back to 2004) is now dead and buried, but a more important streak is now at stake and close to ending. Virginia Tech has been to a bowl game every year since 1993, but at 4-5, the Hokies must win two of their remaining three games if that streak is to continue.

This team and this program were not built to play for pride. It took Beamer six years to build his program before the bowl streak started, and since that moment it has been a model of consistency; a model at least until this year.

There is no telling what the rest of this season holds for Virginia Tech, they could win their three remaining games and their bowl and wind up with 8 wins, or they could lose two of their next three and end the streak. It is totally up in the air, but it was obvious in that interview that a lot is wrong in Blacksburg. Playing for “pride” is only a stone’s throw away from giving up on 2012, and that is something fans would never accept.

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