Nick Saban, The Best Coach In Any Sport

By Will Wilson
Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE

He’s the undisputed top coach in all of the land in college football. He make’s other SEC coaches look foolish on Saturday’s and is the king of adjustments during the course of a game.

He is, Nick Saban, the greatest coach in any sport, at any level.

After Alabama’s comeback win over LSU on Saturday, Saban immediately ordered his team to move on and put the game behind them. In his mind, there is no time to celebrate with No. 15 Texas A&M coming to town this week.

He has complete control of his team and will have his squad ready to play against Aggies dual-threat quarterback Johnny Manziel, especially after giving up 475 yards to LSU. Saban declared it “by far” the team’s worst defensive performance of the season. It was the most yards the Crimson Tide has allowed since Saban’s first season in 2007.

You can only imagine how hard Saban is working Bama’ this week during practice. He respects LSU and how strong they are as a team, but giving up 475 yards to an offense who wasn’t averaging close to that this season isn’t going to sit well with the head man in Tuscaloosa. Saban has his hands full this week designing a scheme and gameplan to slow down A&M’s offense.

My guess is, he’ll have his team ready to play more than ever. That’s the type of coach and person he is. Complacency will never be a word in the Crimson Tide’s vocabulary. Saban reiterates every week to his team that they are playing a faceless opponent, and his team buys in to it one hundred percent of the time.

He has dominated the college game his whole career, but to Saban’s standards, he isn’t close to where he wants to be. That’s why he is the greatest coach in any sport.

Will Wilson is a writer for Rant Sports covering College Football and the Big Ten Conference.

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