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Top 15 Moments From College Football Week 10

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Top 15 Moments From Week 10

Matt Cashore - US Presswire

Special moments in college football are hard to come by. You never know what you're going to get when the ball is snapped. Sometimes the anticipation is there for a big event when the game is on the line, but other times golden moments just happen out of nowhere.

And moments don't always occur within the boundaries of the field of play, sometimes they're on the sidelines or in the university's athletic department. Something that makes a moment memorable is the idea that they'll be talked about for a while.

Week 10 in college football gave us some memorable moments, the kind that may stick around for years to come.

It wasn't just a week of highlights here and there, there were so many things that happened that it was enough to fill half of a typical season. Fumbles on the goal line, last second field goals, last second touchdowns, controversial game-ending plays and even tears to name just a few of the events.

If you were caught on the wrong end of some of these happenings, you may be hoping that they're soon forgotten. For the victors, there'll be websites, Facebook pages and maybe even statues dedicated in their honor.

Some of the teams and moments here, especially the bottom half, may not be the big names that you're familiar with, but to the fans of their teams, these events won't be forgotten anytime soon. So join me now, won't you, in taking a look at the top 15 moments from week 10.

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No. 15: Elkino Watson Interception

Photo courtesy USF Athletics

Both the UConn Huskies and the South Florida Bulls were winless in conference play going in to week 10. It was a matter of who wanted it more, or maybe who didn't want it less?

In either case, UConn was on the USF 22 yard line with under a minute to go, driving for a game tying touchdown when linebacker Elkino Watson came up with an interception that I still can't figure out how he got, even after watching the replay about 10 times. He made a swipe to bat the ball and somehow came up with it as if he snagged it in a net. More importantly, he netted South Florida their first conference win of the year, and took the Bulls to 3-6 overall.

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No. 14: Franklin Throws 4th Interception

Kim Klement - US Presswire

The word of the day was "doh."

After having the chance to win the game gift wrapped over and over again by the Florida Gators, Missouri Tigers quarterback James Franklin kept finding a way to put the ball in the Gators' hands.

The golden moment of the game came on the final Missouri drive when Franklin had led his team deep into Florida territory with the chance to tie if they could just get one passing touchdown. But overthrows were the story of the day as Franklin overshot his intended target and Josh Evans grabbed the Florida win.

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No. 13: Marlin Lane Tiebreaking Touchdown

Jim Brown - US Presswire

The Troy Trojans came to Knoxville and gave the home team quite a scare, but that scare turned into a big celebration late.

After a wild back-and-forth contest, Tennessee Volunteers running back Marlin Lane found the end zone on a 9-yard touchdown run with just under a minute and a half remaining that sealed the deal for the Vols. It's not the kind of game you want from your team if you're Tennessee, but this is one of those games where you'll say, "A win is a win."

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No. 12: Reggie Whatley Kickoff Return

Photo courtesy ESPN

Both the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders and the Western Kentucky Hilltopers have found wins against BCS conference teams this season. This was indeed a battle in the Sun Belt conference.

Just when it looked like Western Kentucky was about to dish Middle Tennessee with their second conference loss of the year, Reggie Whatley busted out a kickoff return in the 4th quarter that Western Kentucky just wouldn't be able to come back from. The win puts Middle Tennessee at 6-3 overall on the year, and in prime position for a bowl game.

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No. 11: The Chris Smith Sack

Nelson Chenault - US Presswire

You don't have to tell Arkansas Razorbacks fans how big this moment was.

On their final drive of the game, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane were attempting to engineer a game-winning drive to keep their season at one loss, and possibly even their BCS hopes alive.

But along came Chris Smith, who with one play crushed that dream and may have reignited the Arkansas spirit late in the season. Smith came in and rocked Tulsa quarterback Cody Green, knocking the ball loose to be recovered by the Razorbacks. It's a great moment in a season where Arkansas fans have sure needed some positive memories.

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No. 10: Joker Phillips' Fate Sealed

Nelson Chenault - US Presswire

This was one of those memorable moments that took place off of the field, but will surely impact what happens on it.

In a move that was very sudden, but at the same time not all that unexpected, an open letter from Kentucky's athletic director let Kentucky Wildcats football coach Joker Phillips know that his services were no longer needed.

Phillips has been involved with the Wildcats' program for almost 22 years, making the decision to let him go extremely difficult. Phillips will stay on as coach for the remainder of the season, but will not be retained at its end.

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No. 9: Jamal Turner's Late Touchdown

Photo courtesy ESPN

Following a controversial pass interference call that put the Nebraska Cornhuskers down at the Michigan State Spartans 5-yard line, quarterback Taylor Martinez found Jamal Turner on the left side of the end zone and scored with only seconds remaining on the clock.

With the win, Nebraska is 7-2 (4-1), and very much alive to win the Big Ten conference.

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No. 8: Georgia Touchdown to End the Half

Daniel Shirey - US Presswire

The Ole Miss Rebels felt pretty goof about how they played the first half. Well, most of it anyway.

On the final play of the first half, Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray lobbed up what looked to be a desperation pass to end the half, but he may have seen something that the television viewer at home did not.

Tavarres King took Murray's pass as time expired and walked untouched into the end-zone. At the time it was simply a play that gave the Bulldogs the lead, but the momentum that play carried with it was something that the Rebels never recovered from, as they were unable to score the rest of the game, leaving Georgia firmly in the driver's seat to win the East division of the SEC.

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No. 7: Louisville Remains Undefeated

Joshua Londsey - US Presswire

This game wasn't so much about a particularly spectacular moment as it was about the simple fact that the Louisville Cardinals are still, very quietly, undefeated.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw for five touchdown passes and 324 total yards on Saturday in Louisville's 45-17 win over the Temple Owls. Although Louisville doesn't likely have a chance to play for the national championship, they can certainly make a BCS bowl game.

Louisville has squeaked by in some of their games, and haven't played a ranked team all season. They will close the year out with the currently ranked Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Winning out should put them in a BCS bowl.

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No. 6: Collin Klein Hurt

Scott Sewell - US Presswire

It was something that wasn't known right away, but Kansas State Wildcats' quarterback Collin Klein, the Heisman trophy front-runner, sustained a concussion that is still being a very guarded mystery in Manhattan.

Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder isn't one who typically dances around injury issues, but as far as the current state of his prized quarterback, his lips have been sealed.

The Wildcats are currently No. 2 in the BCS poll, and have three remaining regular season games before waiting to see if it's good enough to play for the national championship.

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No. 5: A.J. McCarron Crying

Photo courtesy CBS

Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us, and at the most inopportune times. If there's no crying in baseball, then certainly there shouldn't be any in football, right?

Well, just don't tell that to Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, who turned on the water works after taking the lead against the LSU Tigers this past Saturday.

Not knocking the guy for showing emotion, but as a man, there's just something that makes me uncomfortable about seeing another grown man cry, especially when he's not hurt. Even mental hurt or anguish I can understand, but they just took the lead. Maybe I'm alone on this one, but it was just weird. Certainly memorable as well.

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No. 4: The Two Point Conversion

Photo courtesy FOX

Did it hit the ground, or didn't it hit the ground, that is the question.

TCU Horned Frogs fans will say he caught the ball all day long, no questions asked. West Virginia Mountaineers fans will say he obviously let the ball hit the turf, but there just simply wasn't enough video evidence to overturn the call.

Regardless of what happened, the decision to go for two in the second overtime and end the game one way or another was an extremely gutsy call.

TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin threw the pass to receiver Josh Boyce who gave Horned Frogs their sixth win of the year, one that fans will be talking about for quite some time.

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No. 3: Fumble on the Goal Line

Matt Cashore - US Presswire

It was one of the most epic moments of the season, as excitement faded to heartbreak in a split-second.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back Cierre Wood attempted to leap into the end-zone for the first stanza of the second overtime. But the ball came out of his grasp just as it was about to break the plane of the goal. The Pittsburgh Panthers recovered the ball, and simply had to score in their half of the overtime in order to pull of a stunning upset and crush Notre Dame's BCS dreams.

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No. 2: Wide Right

Photo courtesy NBC

But the stunning upset just mentioned didn't happen, thanks to what was undoubtedly the biggest field goal miss of this season, and perhaps in some time in college football.

Pitt's Kevin Harper had a very makeable 33-yard attempt from near the right hash, but didn't quite get enough hook on the ball as it sailed helplessly straight...and wide right. The miss allowed the game to continue, and ultimately allowed Notre Dame to win, keeping their national championship hopes alive.

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No. 1: The Yeldon Touchdown

Crystal Logiudice - US Presswire

It was the moment that dreams are made of or that dreams were shattered, depending on what colors you were wearing.

With about a minute remaining, LSU brought a blitz to try and rattle McCarron, but the blitz ended up burning the Tigers as McCarron flipped a pass to T.J. Yeldon who scored and left 51 second on the clock. It wouldn't be enough time for the Tigers to march down field and put together a thrilling moment of their own.

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