UCLA Twitter Impersonator Causes Stir with USC

By Patrick Schmidt
Jim Mora UCLA Bruins
Brendan Maloney-US Presswire

A case of identity theft on Twitter has caused quite the stir in the UCLA and USC rivalry when trash talk from a fake account for Bruins freshman defensive back Randall Goforth was used to get under the skin of Trojans receiver Robert Woods.

UCLA coach Jim Mora addressed the issue after practice with ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Peter Yoon Tuesday saying, “I think it’s a frickin joke that somebody would do that.” The twitter war of words engaged fans of both of the schools in Los Angeles with the initial tweet from the imposter that said, “We will beat you guys on Nov. 17th. Believe the hype.”

The strongest words came from Mora himself when he said, “I think you’re the lowest  form of life=form if you were to portray yourself as an 18-year-old young man who is out here trying to do his best. Trying to stir it up, attributing comments to him that aren’t his, I think he ought to go to jail. That’s how I feel. I think you’re a scumbag.”

Mora even challenged the imposter to come out to UCLA, but added that he won’t though because he or she is a coward.

Strong words from the first-year coach at UCLA, but I can’t say I disagree with him, the imposter is a scumbag. Jail time may be going a bit too far for a prank.

Goforth said he was in a tutoring session when the tweets were sent and doesn’t get caught up in all the internet stuff and that he has a tremendous amount of respect for USC and Woods, who he enjoyed watching while in high school.

No. 18 UCLA and No. 19 USC play on the 17th and the Bruins lead the Pac 12 south by a half game over USC and are riding a three-game winning streak into this weekend’s game at 2-7 Washington State.

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