Vote Alabama Coach Nick Saban for President

By Patrick Schmidt
Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE

The Presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will determine who will be responsible for running the United States of America for the next four years.

Debates have been held, numerous commercials, both positive and negative, have been aired. The candidates have been scrutinized ad nauseum and the campaigns were long and arduous, but while many voters remain undecided on the eve of the election, little doubt remains about the commander in chief in college football.

Alabama coach Nick Saban is the President of college football.

Look at what Saban has done in his time at Alabama and there is no one that can compete with the top man in Tuscaloosa.  With three national championships already on his resume and being poised to make a run at a fourth crystal ball trophy after defeating LSU on Saturday; vote for Saban to lead college football for the next four years.

His 57-5 record the last five years and two national championships is the proof you need when casting your vote on Tuesday.  Winning 4/5 bowl games are further evidence to suggest that Saban is able to make decisions in crucial situations and will not succumb to the pressure of volatile circumstances.

That is the type of hope and change you can believe in that this sport will thrive going into 2013 behind Saban.

The other candidates will try to denigrate Saban with rhetoric about being a money-grubbing elitist who will bolt for the next job if it meant more money, or point to his 15-17 record in the NFL as reasons to rock the vote for another candidate.

However, that is neither here nor there when talking about college football.  His 155-54-1 record on the collegiate level with success at every stop along his coaching career should be the only facts to consider when you step into the voting booth to cast your vote for the President of college football.

Nick Saban gets my vote, but who would you vote for as President of college football.

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