Auburn's Chris Slade on Stopping Jarvis Jones, "It's Not That Hard."

By Dan Irwin
Jarvis Jones
Dale Zanine – US Presswire

Auburn Tigers‘ offensive lineman Chris Slade just couldn’t resist, and why not? In any normal or rational situation, calling out arguably the best defensive end in the Georgia BulldogsJarvis Jones would be suicide. But at this point in the season, what does Auburn really have to lose?

The sophomore guard for the Tigers was trying to offer up his opinion about Jones while keeping the view he was speaking from positive about Auburn. The problem is that he may have fired up the All-America candidate in the process.

“Jarvis Jones, you know that he’s going to be one of the strong keys of their defense,” Slade pointed out. “As long as you know where he’s at and what the front is, we should be all good.”

Keeping it at that may have been sufficient, but then Slade goes on to speak as if Jones will be just another player on the field, saying, “You’ve got to be able to get your hands on him, block him.  He’s a good player, but you can stop him.  It’s not that hard.”

Jones himself was made aware of the statement, and was classy yet direct about it saying, “He’s a competitive guy.  He feles like if he can get his hands on me he’ll be fine.  If he wants to come see me that’s fine.  So that’s how I feel.”

Auburn currently sits at 2-7 on the season, while Georgia is in line to clinch the SEC East for the second straight year with a victory on Saturday.

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