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Bobby Petrino Interested In The Kentucky Football Coaching Job?


The saga of one Bobby Petrino is quite interesting. The man became well-known due to something more than coaching. Petrino is one heck of a coach, but an off the field incident with a woman who was not his wife ended up with him sitting this season out. However, he does have his eyes on one job. That job would be the recently vacated job as the Kentucky Wildcats head coach.

At first glance, that might seem a little bit odd.  UK just cut ties with Joker Phillips and with good reason.  The team was a bottom feeder and there is a long ways to go before they receive anything resembling respect.  That is the life in the toughest college football conference in the nation.  However, Petrino would certainly bring some interest to the program.

If people can move past his off the field stuff, he is one heck of a coach.  I would gladly have him coach my favorite team, but some people will shy away because of stuff not related to football.  That is totally understandable but people do deserve second chances.  If Petrino were to step back on the sideline, I would imagine he would toe the line.

Petrino says he is waiting for the phone to ring about the job.  If UK is serious about becoming more than just a basketball school, they will call him up before more teams end up with open coaching jobs.  It might not seem like a good hire at first, but give him a few years.  Your team will be winning in no time.