Georgia Bulldogs: "Swinging" Richt Needs Hip Replaced

By Chris Lionetti
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

For the past month, the Georgia Bulldogs have seemed to be suffering from a plague of injuries. First, wide receiver Micheal Bennett tore his ACL. Next, defensive end Abry Jones and All-American linebacker Jarvis Jones succumbed to ankle injuries. Abry’s injury required season ending surgery while Jarvis’ injury confined him to a walking boot. Two weeks later, senior receiver Marlon Brown would tear his ACL.

According to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is another name that can be added to the injury report for the Georgia Bulldogs. That name? Well, it’s none other than head coach Mark Richt.

Richt apparently suffered the injury in his earlier years while trying to impress his wife. Just as young boys on the playground often do to impress a girl, the coach swung has high as he could. However, one of the chains came undone, sending Mark Richt to the ground. His hip was the first part of his body to make contact with the ground and left the coach in excruciating pain.

“It was traumatic,” Richt told the AJC’s Jeff Schultz. “I mean, when I hit I was like, ‘I think I broke it.’ I couldn’t hardly breathe. Sometimes with an injury like that you get a full-body sweat and a little nauseous. But the pain kind of went away and I went about my business, until about a year and a half ago.”

What caused the pain to flare up again? Unfortunately for the coach, it was something that has provided a cause for ribbing among the Richt household.

Georgia’s coach aggravated the swinging injury while doing one of the workouts from P90X. He thought the injury was minor until visiting a doctor, who told him he needed to have his replaced.

Richt will continue to fight through the pain until the offseason, when he will have it replaced. A man that never wants the focus to be on him, Richt wanted to keep the news from leaking out but now that it has, he deserves some praise for fighting through the pain.



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