Mike Leach's Sarcasm Level Hits an All-Time High

By Kris Hughes

Washington State Cougars head football coach Mike Leach went full on bizarro in Monday’s press conference in Pullman.

The Pirate decided that it was no longer worth his time to answer questions straight-forward, and instead, he’d be all sunshine and daffodils– in the most sarcastic way possible (check out the last six minutes in particular):


It’s all feel-good to Mike Leach, as he works toward honing his skills for political office.  He appreciates the hard effort, and everyone doing their best.

Ok then, coach.

Prior to the season, the athletic administration welcomed Leach with open arms, knowing full well his reputation, and no-nonsense demeanor when it comes to dealing with the press, and to some extent, his players and coaching staff.

Usually, his candor and extremely dry sense of humor and wit comes off as endearing and downright hilarious. This presser, however, was a bit surreal.

While I understand that the Pirate is upset with how poorly the Cougars have played so far in 2012 and what he sees as a lack of effort and commitment, coming off this sarcastic in the face of adversity is poor form.

Ok, Mike, we get it. Your players are “heartless” and are “zombies”.

Sorry about that– maybe you should be doing something to try and fix that. The “culture” of football is still within your control, believe it or not.

You might want to chill out a bit before you lose the few friends and fans you have left.

If you even care, that is.

Maybe it was just about the short-term paycheck after all.

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