The Reputation of Bobby Petrino Could Scare Away Suitors

By Allen Faul
Beth Hall-US Presswire

Is your team in need of a head coach? Looking for some “excitement” around your football program? While you may be thinking that former University of Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino is a great fit, let me tell you why that is a bad idea.

You can not hire a coach you can not trust, and there is no way you can trust Bobby Petrino. Fool me once, shame one you. Fool me twice shame on me. Petrino has fooled us all way too many times.

Remember 2003, one year into his coaching career at the University of Louisville? Yeah, he won 9 games, but he also caused quite the stir sneaking behind everyone’s back to meet with officials from Auburn University to fill a coaching position that was already held by Tommy Tubberville. Jetgate caused quite the stir in the SEC but the Cardinals swept it under the rug.

They also opened up the bank vault three years later, rewarding Petrino with a 10 year, $25 million deal. How did Petrino reward them? By leaving just one year later.

Ok, it was the Atlanta Falcons; he’ll get a pass here. But then again, when the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, Petrino could’ve pulled a hamstring with how quickly he jumped for the Arkansas Razorbacks job. After three games into the season, he was gone; leaving behind only a generic note in each player’s locker.

Then came the stint in Fayetteville with the Arkansas Razorbacks.  The story seemed to change as he started to settle into what he later called his dream job. However, it was not long until the lies and manipulation reared their ugly head once again.  Forget the personal issues and remember that he lied to his Athletic Director Jeff Long on more than one occasion.

A head coach, at any university can not prosper if he does not have the trust of the athletic director.  After the stunt he pulled at Arkansas, how can any athletic director hinge their reputation and/or job to bringing in this guy as a football coach? Not to mention, how is he going to go on the recruiting trail and convince the parents of recruits he is the guy who well take care of their kids?Anything is possible, but it will be an uphill climb.

Now one year removed, Petrino’s father has mentioned that his son may be interested in the University of Kentucky job. Of course he is. Auburn and the University of Tennessee aren’t sure if they will be getting rid of Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley, and Petrino isn’t sure he’s going to make the cut at either of those schools if they did make changes.

Petrino may seem like a great option to fix your struggling program, but his history precedes him. Buyer beware.

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