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Tommy Tuberville Puts Both His and Texas Tech’s Future in Jeopardy

Scott Sewell – US PRESSWIRE

Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Tommy Tuberville insisted he was trying to be helpful to a graduate assistant Saturday afternoon. “He was on the field, I reached to grab him and pull him off, and when I pulled I missed his shirt and I grabbed his facemask — or his microphone — and it just ripped off his head,” Tuberville said during today’s postgame press conference. “I was trying to get him off the field.”

Well, this is one way to get someone off the field:

Regardless of Tuberville trying to get in his Boy Scout good deed for the day, everyone else see him smacking a graduate assistant live on national television. Just last week, rumors were swirling about the possibility of him bolting Lubbock to settle into a sweet gig at with the Arkansas Razorbacks. If that was the case, do you think it stands now?

Perhaps a better question is assuming Tuberville remains in Lubbock, would you send your kid to play for him? Texas Tech currently has 17 verbal commitments, mostly solid prospects, but few world-beaters according to recruiting gurus. Every one of their legal guardians and even members of their extended family might be wondering if Lubbock is the best place for their sons/nephews, etc. to play football for the next four to five years.

Offensive tackle Maurice Potter turned down an offer from the Texas A&M Aggies and committed to Tuberville. Those would be the same Aggies that knocked off the top team in the land. Wide receiver Devin Lauderdale has an offer from the Alabama Crimson Tide, and though the Tide did lose today, they’ll likely recover during his stay.

Even if the Auburn Tigers were considering hiring their former coach back, he’s likely dropped down the preference list. Tuberville brought a crushing amount of negative recruiting on his head in a split second. His punishment will likely be light, but even if it isn’t, his actions today will have a long-lasting impact. Here’s hoping the “miscommunication” was worth it.

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