Georgia Bulldogs Talk SEC Championship After Clinching East

By Chris Lionetti

What had seemed to be lost to the Georgia Bulldogs a year ago, has now been regained.

The Bulldogs defeated the Auburn Tigers Saturday night 38-0 to clinch the SEC Eastern Division title and punch a ticket to the SEC Championship in Atlanta. Georgia got out to an early 14 point lead, but would not take their foot of the gas as starters played into the fourth quarter. It was a great win for coach Mark Richt and team. They are division champions and celebrated as such.

After a raucous celebration with fans and family members, members of the Georgia Bulldogs and their coach met with the media to discuss the win and what lies ahead.

Head coach Mark Richt

On returning to Atlanta

“I’m very excited about going to Atlanta. There’s no doubt about that. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and then. We have a couple of games to be played. We have Georgia Southern coming up this week that we know is going to be a challenge, and we’ve got to work hard to prepare for them, and we also have to work hard in just getting better as a football team as we progress throughout the year. I think we’ve been improving as we go, and hopefully we keep it going.”

On getting better as a team

“Every day that we practice we have a chance to get better or worse. This is all there is to it. There’s just so many things on offense, so many things on defense and special teams. There are just so many facets of the game. You can perfect it, and again, if you feel like you’re playing at a high level somewhere along the way, if you don’t keep honing it, if you don’t keep working hard at it, you’re going to lose what you have. We just have to keep moving forward, and hopefully we’ll keep getting better during practice.”

Quarterback Aaron Murray

On clinching the East

“Oh, it’s awesome. After that game at South Carolina, to every week be praying that a team will lose and luckily they did. This is the SEC. Like I’ve been saying all year, you just never know who’s going to win. We just knew we had to do our job, and that is to continue to win and continue to put ourselves in position. If teams did lose, we would be able to get back. And, like I said, South Carolina lost a couple and we’ve won out the rest of the way. We’ve continued to get better every week. I’m just extremely proud of our guys.”

Linebacker Jarvis Jones

On returning to SEC Championship

“It’s a great feeling. We’ve been training all year for it. Everybody decided to come back and focus and put the work in. It started in the spring. The leaders on the team have been at the forefront, making sure everybody takes care of business. We’ve been reaching our goal every week.”



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