Alabama's Fate May Rest in Hands of USC

By Timothy Holland

The USC Trojans may hold any hopes that Alabama has of winning a national championship in their hands. After the Tide lost their first game of the season Saturday night to Texas A&M they fell out of first place in the BCS polls. Alabama can still make it to the championship game, but will need help. The team that can help them the most is USC.

There are four undefeated teams left in college football. They are Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Ohio State is ineligible to win the national championship as they are on probation. This means that whoever can finish undefeated between Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame will meet for the championship. If two of these teams lose and Alabama can win out then the Tide may get a shot at defending their title.

After being considered a top ranked team going into 2012, the Trojans have dropped to 7-3. They are out of the championship chase, but have a chance to play spoiler. USC has two games left on their schedule. If the Trojans can beat UCLA Saturday they will win the Pac-12 South. This would earn them a rematch with Oregon in the conference championship game.

If the Trojans win the Pac-12 South, then they will have a chance to knock off two of the top three teams in back to back weeks. The first game would be at home against Notre Dame on November 24. The second would be a week later against Oregon in Eugene.

If Alabama is to have any chance at all their best bet is USC. The Tide must root for the Trojans to run the table. USC will get to play Notre Dame no matter what. With the game in Los Angeles there is a very good chance that the Trojans will win.

If USC can get to the Pac-12 championship game and Alabama takes care of business in the Southeastern Conference then the Tide must root for the Trojans to beat Oregon. Oregon was too much for USC a week ago in Los Angeles. However, as anyone who has ever followed sports knows it is tough to beat a good team twice in the same season. In a winner-take-all affair the Trojans would have a 50/50 shot at winning.

Before Alabama lost to Texas A&M the Tide held their own fate. Now they need help from outside forces.

The team which can give them the most assistance is USC.

The Trojans may very well hold Alabama’s title hopes in their hands.

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