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New BCS Playoff Format Announced

Bill Hancock

Derick Hingle – US Presswire

College football fans, mark November 12 as the day you finally got what you’ve been wanting.

At 1:29pm CST, Brett McMurphy of ESPN reported that there was massive applause and celebration coming from inside the meeting room of the BCS commissioners and the Presidential Oversight Committee.

Although it was initially unknown what happened exactly, sources with ESPN as well as University of Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman are confirming every college football fans’ ultimate request; the BCS playoffs are a reality.

It breaks down like this; every team from the five most major conferences–that is the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and ACC–would all have their conference champions receive an automatic berth into the 12-team playoff. The five lesser conferences–that is the Big East, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt and Mid-American–would send the highest rated team out of all of those conferences combined to receive an automatic berth.

The rest of the teams would fill the field as “at-large” selections.

This now means an undefeated team from the Sun Belt conference would have an honest shot at the BCS National Championship.

There will be six “access bowls”–a term you will be hearing a lot now–that will play a part in the championship. Three of those bowls have been decided, and they are the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl. Three others have yet to be determined, but rumor suggests that they may be the Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Also announced was a new television revenue deal for the media rights, which will go to ESPN. The deal is reported to be at about $475 million a year for 12 years.

Nebraska’s Perlman also indicated that 10 percent of the playoff revenue would be reserved for “academic performance,” meaning qualifying schools would have to reach their required APR mark to enjoy their share.

The big loser in this deal are the BYU Cougars who have no deal with any of the bowls and has no conference affiliation with an automatic bid.  They could only enter the fray as an “at-large” candidate. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish on the other hand, have an existing deal with the Orange Bowl.

More details are sure to follow, including how at-large teams will be chosen, as well as who will be apart of that committee.

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