Three And Out: Week 11 College Football Reflections

By Zach Pugh

First Down: Every dawg has its day

When the Alabama Crimson Tide went down on Saturday, one team that hasn’t been mentioned much in the BCS Championship race should’ve also been licking their chops. The Georgia Bulldogs should be getting more consideration to make a push for a spot in the national championship. If two out of the top three in the new rankings finish undefeated, then it should be no question they find their place in the BCS title, but if two of the top three, the Kansas State Wildcats, Oregon Ducks or Notre Dame Fighting Irish lose, Georgia should get a serious look.

The biggest question beyond who would be No. 1 in the new BCS standings was how far will the Tide fall and will the Bulldogs be the highest ranked SEC team? Alabama is still ahead of Georgia, but the Dawgs have a chance to beat the Tide in the SEC Championship, assuming the Tide get past the Auburn Tigers, and could sneak into the national championship, but they do need the help.

Second Down: Chip Kelly’s NFL Aspirations

When the possibility of Oregon Ducks’ head coach Chip Kelly making a move to the NFL during the off-season came up one thing was made certain; he will eventually try to make a push in the pros. At the time when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a serious player in his future, the biggest question had been how would his offense work at the next level?

The success of the fast pace nature wouldn’t be the question, the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and now the Denver Broncos have shown how well the no-huddle works against NFL defenses, but what would he do with the read option aspect? Cam Newton and Tim Tebow had some success when their teams ran plays out of the read option, but look no further than the Broncos’ final games last year and Cam’s rough season in 2012 to see what happens when the NFL catches up to you.

It appears the possibility has risen up once again. Can Chip Kelly be a successful head coach in the NFL? Yes, but he would have to change his system. Even though Kelly decided to stay in Eugene, the fact he was thinking about making the move proved that he has aspirations to be the head man for a team at the highest level, on the biggest stage. There’s nothing wrong with that goal, in fact, it should be encouraged. However, Coach Kelly has an amazing thing going for him with the Ducks. Kelly, along with the most loyal coaching staff in the FBS, have built the program into a national power, an A-list team that many coaches would line up to take a chance with.

Kelly has the perfect system in place, with the perfect players. The program works like clockwork and will most likely be at the top as long as Kelly is around. Kelly could remain college football royalty, much like Nick Saban. If Kelly and the Ducks win a national championship this season, his time running his offense in Auzten might be over.

Third Down: Don’t rule out The SEC

The talk over the last two days has been we could witness the first BCS Championship without a team from the SEC since 2006, don’t overlook the fact that we could still not only see a team from the conference in the national title, but it could feature two. When the new BCS standings came out last night the overwhelming presence of the SEC conference was shown within the top ten. No. 1-3 was absent the aura of a team from the SEC, but 4-9 was exclusively reserved for the South.

Put your hypothetical hat on, let’s just say the top three all lose, well then we would either see the Crimson Tide or Georgia as the next team up, along with the Florida Gators or LSU Tigers. So, basically we could still see the second straight year with the national title featuring the Tide and Tigers.


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