Without A Team From The SEC, How Can It Be The BCS Championship?

By Zach Pugh
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

The year was 2006, college football fans were fresh off the 2006 Rose Bowl between the Texas Longhorns and USC Trojans, (shhh, we’re supposed to forget about the Trojans that year because of sanctions). We remember that game as one that lived up to the hype and not only did it represent the last BCS Championship for the Longhorns, but that game was the last time we saw a national title without a team from the Southeastern Conference.

The 2013 BCS Championship might be the first time in six years we tune into the biggest game of the college football season and not see the SEC represented. While many celebrated the loss of the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday, other people, like me, enjoyed the game and the result because the chaos at the top of the standings had begun, but also saw the problem with a national championship without an SEC team.

The end of the streak isn’t a defeat the nation can celebrate, which some of you are. It took the conference to destroy itself. The self implosion award goes to the Aggies for their accomplishment of taking down the machine, but it wasn’t a team from another conference that took down the SEC, it was a team within the conference. Sorry Big 12 fans, but you can’t have any claim to A&M’s victory.

Whether you agree with the notion the SEC is the best conference in the FBS top to bottom, we can all agree the best team in the nation has come from the conference the past six years. The question has been; who can take down the SEC and end the streak? If things keep on the path with a national championship that doesn’t feature a team from the conference crowned best in the nation, we still won’t know what team can end the SEC reign. The conference knocking itself out of the race doesn’t count.

The point of all this is how can we have a national championship and crown a new king of the nation without the teams’ road going through the best in the Southeastern Conference? Somehow a game without Alabama, the Florida Gators or Georgia Bulldogs doesn’t seem like the victor will be considered the best in the nation. Quite frankly, they can’t be the best without beating the best.

This is not to say this years’ national champions won’t be deserving of the title. Each of the top three in the BCS rankings have beaten every team they’ve faced, but without a victory over the best from the SEC, the college football fan will be left unsatisfied with the 2012 season. Is the playoff system here yet?


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