Big East Conference: College Football's Chief Dunce

By Kris Hughes


Image Courtesy- Division Sports


The Big East Conference wants to be your best buddy. No, they really, really want to be your best buddy.

Look, look they’re so clever and progressive.

Please respect them, or, better than that, please don’t.

It’s no mystery the Big East Conference has become the laughing stock of college football but they have taken things to a whole new level today by officially changing the names of it’s two new divisions, to East and West.

Yes, you have it right: Big East East and Big East West.

Awesome branding! Yay!

I can see the new logos now:

– One is a picture of the Big East logo with a huge “second power” two hovering above it in bright letters, perhaps fluorescent yellow. Big East East.. Big East East!

— The other, the Big East logo with an abstract wagon wheel with a shotgun super-imposed over it, you know, for the West.

Get it?

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize just how ridiculous these new division names are. I mean, I’m no fan of the Big Ten’s bizarre Legends and Leaders Divisions but at least those have some significance in terms of the conference’s mission and aren’t just flat out non-sensical.

You have to know that the leaders of San Diego State, Boise State and the other Big East, er, West, institutions just looked in the mirror and thought:

“What have we done to ourselves. Oh s***.”

Guess what guys?

Too late.

Should’ve thought of that before getting in bed with the chief dunce of college football– the Big East West East Conference Squared Cowboy.

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