Ohio State Buckeyes: Strapped In and Ready for (Pro) Combat

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Rich Barnes – US PRESSWIRE

If you’re going to roll out alternate uniforms, why not do so for a big game? If you’re the Ohio State Buckeyes, why not do so for The Big Game? Ohio State’s annual clash with the Michigan Wolverines had been rumored to feature some new gear for the Buckeyes, but Ohio State’s official online store likely leaked it, or at least teased it.

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The uniform features slight aesthetic changes not unlike what the Alabama Crimson Tide has produced with Nike. These two schools keep any alterations very close to tradition and we see no exception in this new attire.

A common trend among Nike Pro Combat uniforms is the “shield” featured at the bottom of the neckline accompanied with the standard “logo gloves.” The slightly larger numbers on these particular jerseys appear to be a throwback to the late 1980s or early 1990s, though they have a border.

The helmet can’t really be seen, but considering that Nike has been implementing more work of Hydro Graphics Inc., expect their fingerprints to be all over it (ideally not showing).

If you’ve seen the Oregon Ducks’ helmets this year, you’ve seen HGI’s work. They’ve been one of the premiere designers and promoters of the “shiny” helmet trend a.k.a. “ChromeDomes” which Oregon adopted for the 2012 Rose Bowl and throughout this season.

Will these hyper-technological marvels meshing man and material help the Buckeyes to a win over Michigan? No, they’ll win anyway, but they’ll look good doing it.

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