Will The Big 12 Fill All Of Its Affiliated Bowl Games?

By Amanda Staver

The Big XII Conference has 8 bowl games it is affiliated with and right now, only 6 teams are bowl eligible, with 2 on the cusp of making it. If two teams go to a BCS bowl, the likelihood of them being able to fill the slots is looking slim. The conference is guaranteed the bowl slots if 8 of the 10 teams has 6 or more wins.

The bowls with Big XII affiliation are:

  • BCS
  • Cotton
  • Holiday
  • Alamo
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Independence
  • Texas
  • Pinstripe
  • Heart of Dallas

The teams on the cusp of being bowl eligible are the West Virginia Mountaineers (5-4), Iowa State Cyclones (5-5) and Baylor Bears (4-5).

The Mountaineers and the Cyclones are both sitting at one win away from being bowl eligible and both are most likely to surpass the minimum. The Cyclones travel to play the Kansas Jayhawks (1-7) this weekend and will close with the Mountaineers the day after Thanksgiving. Given that nothing strange happens this weekend, they should clinch that 6th win this Saturday.

Unlike the Cyclones, the Mountaineers are getting 3 more shots to become bowl eligible. They host the Oklahoma Sooners (7-2) this coming weekend in Morgantown, the Cyclones after Thanksgiving and close out with the Jayhawks.

Besides the Jayhawks, the Bears may be the other team watching their conference mates get selected to bowls in December.  The Bears have the toughest road to travel and 2 games to win to make it in. They take on the No. 1 team in the country this weekend, hosting the Kansas State Wildcats. After that, it is on to 2 more ranked teams in the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma State CowboysBaylor’s chances of winning 2 out of those last 3 aren’t looking too good for the Bears with their defense.

So at this point, it’s an assuming game. If the Big XII plays out like people are predicting it to, they will be sending two teams to a BCS game. That leaves 6 teams bowl eligible teams and 2 bowl games left to fill. Even if only one team goes to a BCS game and Baylor can’t pull off a miracle, it looks like they are one shy of fulfilling the 8.

But you know what they say about assuming.

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