A Sign Gene Chizik Could Be Out at Auburn

By Allen Faul
John Reed-US Presswire

A decision has been made.

“Auburn Football: Everyday” a program featuring Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik will not be airing after next week’s Iron Bowl game against the University of Alabama.  Auburnchannel.com, a website associated with NBC-13 in Birmingham, Alabama reported the news, citing an email that was sent out to network affiliates across the state to make other programming plans following next weeks game.

At this time, it is still unclear who made the decision to cancel the program, but it could only mean one of two things.

The first option is that the production company isn’t feeling completely optimistic about beating Alabama, let alone staying competitive. No use reliving a terrible beating to your arch-rival and commemorating one of the worst seasons in program history.

Then there is option number two, which is a much juicier option. Speculation has been rampant that Gene Chizik will not be back after next season and there is no use doing a show featuring a head coach that will not be there.

In light of a new offensive and defensive coordinator, the Tigers have struggled mightily this season, with their only wins coming against the UL-Monroe Warhawks in overtime and New Mexico State two weeks ago.  The struggles are hard to imagine given the recent success of the Auburn program, capturing a national championship just two seasons ago.

To make matters worse, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon; they’ve captured 2 national championships and one SEC title in the past three seasons.  A win against Auburn would clinch the Tide’s second SEC West title in the past four years and a birth in the SEC title game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Gene Chizik’s future at Auburn may be undecided, but it is not looking good at the moment.

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