Collin Klein and the Tim Tebow Comparisons

By Patrick Schmidt

Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein is having a wonderful year for the No.1 Wildcats and is the prohibitive favorite to win the Heisman trophy, and the former Heisman winner he reminds me of is Tim Tebow.

The former Florida quarterback won the Heisman trophy as a quarterback who had a penchant for making plays with his feet more so than with his arm.

Like Tebow, Klein is a dual-threat quarterback known for running over linebackers and safeties on his way into the end zone and tied a Big 12 record (held by Heisman winner Ricky Williams) last season with 27 rushing touchdowns.

With 52 career rushing touchdowns, Klein is right behind Tebow who had 57, with three games to equal or surpass Tebow for career rushing touchdowns.

Tebow has an unorthodox throwing motion that NFL scouts aren’t enamored with and had a prolonged release.

Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Klein doesn’t have quite the same release, but NFL teams aren’t in love with his throwing mechanics and will be even more scrutinized during the NFL draft process as it was with Tebow–despite neither ever throwing more than six interceptions in a season.

Tebow’s quarterback rating in his final season was 164.2; Klein’s rating currently is at 167.4.

The biggest difference is that Tebow is left-handed and Klein is a righty.

When you look at the two quarterbacks and their lives and personality’s off-the-field the comparisons get even more identical.

Klein and Tebow were both home schooled and raised with devout religious beliefs.

Much has been made about the fact that Tebow is abstaining from premarital sex and has been ridiculed for his beliefs in some circles.

Klein held a similar conviction and took it one step further and never even kissed a girl until his wedding day when he kissed his wife.

Klein would like to add one more comparison to Tebow–a national championship.

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