Kansas State to Find Out It is Lonely at the Top

By Allen Faul
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

There is a lot of pressure being the number one team in the country.  Everyone wants an interview, everyone wants access, and praise rains down from every which angle.

Walk around campus, and every student wants to tell you how great you are. Flip on the television and Sportscenter is showing your highlights as the selected personality says “I really don’t see a team that could beat Kansas State  right now.”

Then it hits. Two games away from a Heisman Trophy. Two games away from a national championship and three wins away from holding up a crystal ball.

That is a lot of pressure.

However, that is precisely where Kansas State finds themselves, atop the college football mountain where they have never been before.  While they have had some good teams in the past, let’s not forget that historically this is a losing program 485-613-41 all time.

It is easier to be the hunter than it is to be the hunted, but now it is the Wildcats with the target on their back. How will they respond?

Looking at the schedule Baylor and Texas should be wins for Kansas State, but remember it was nearly one year ago that the college football post season was shaken up when things seemed locked in. November 18th in Ames, Iowa State upset Oklahoma State; the next night with upsets of Oregon and Oklahoma.

As my old high school basketball coach told us, “It’s not how you start, its how you finish.” Starting this weekend we’ll see if Kansas State can do just that.

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