Texas A&M Wideout Thomas Johnson Is Missing

By Riley Schmitt
Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Thomas Johnson looks like he can be a great player for Texas A&M in the coming years, but this post is not about football. The freshman wideout is currently missing and I feel like we need to get this information spread to the public. It has been two days since the freshman has been seen, which means people need to know this stuff ASAP.

The above statement is from head coach Kevin Sumlin.  I will basically echo what he said.  If anyone out there has had any contact with him, you have to let the authorities know what is going on.  If you happen to know anything about Johnson, please contact authorities as soon as possible.  Time is always of the essence in situations such as this and the longer this takes, the worse feeling I have about the situation.

I hope that I can update this story in a day or two with positive news.  People are looking for him, so hopefully Johnson can return home safe.

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