Oklahoma Sooners Vs. West Virginia Mountaineers Still Has Big Game Feel

By Amanda Staver

At the beginning of the 2012 season, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year for the Big XII was the match-up of the Oklahoma Sooners and the West Virginia Mountaineers. The Sooners were the favorite to win the conference and the Mountaineers and their high-powered offense seemed like a well-oiled machine, ready to swoop in and take over.

Now back to reality land, the Kansas State Wildcats knocked off any chance the Sooners had at winning the conference and the Mountaineers were completely exposed, losing their last four games. While the game doesn’t have conference champion implications tied to it anymore, the outcome will still have an impact at where either team land in the postseason.

The Sooners are looking at the possibility at getting a BCS berth if they finish out undefeated, while the Mountaineers are one win away from becoming bowl eligible. The ‘Eers still have 2 shots to do it if it doesn’t happen this weekend, but knocking it out against a ranked team, in prime time, may be what the Mountaineers need to finish strong and get the momentum back in their favor.

Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen is no stranger to how the Sooners run things, being that he coached at both Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Both teams are still using his successful offensive approach.

Coach Holgorsen this week on Oklahoma:

Oklahoma is going to be a tremendous challenge. They are a very storied program that is extremely well coached. Bob (Stoops) has been there for 14 years and won many championships. They have great players, and they develop them well, they recruit well, it is a very structured program.

Both teams are fully aware of what needs to take place on Saturday. The Sooners defense will have their hands full with Mountaineers QB, Geno Smith and his full arsenal of weapons he has it his disposal. Unfortunately for the Mountaineers defense, they are facing the exact same issue in the Sooners offense. QB Landry Jones has really spread the field the last couple of games and the Mountaineers pass defense ranks last in the country.

While the game might not have a lot of National appeal anymore, for both fanbases there is still a lot at stake here: possible BCS berth and becoming bowl eligible. If you aren’t a Big XII fan and have looked at the slate of games this weekend, especially for the SEC, this may be a game worth tuning in to.


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