Sonny Dykes Following In His Dad's Footsteps

By Amanda Staver
Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Sonny Dykes, head coach of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs has been quietly turning the program around since his arrival to Ruston in 2010. Some are even saying the Bulldogs have a shot at being this year’s “BCS party crasher”. The Bulldogs are currently ranked 20th in the BCS and their chances of making it in are slim, but possible.

Sonny is the son of the former head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Spike Dykes. The Dykes family has been deeply entwined with the Red Raider football program for years: Spike is the all-time winningest coach for the program and Sonny was the wide receivers coach and later became the co-offensive coordinator during the Mike Leach era. During his time at Tech, the Red Raiders offense was one of the best in the FBS. If you are wondering who his co-coordinator was, it was Dana Holgorsen. Having those two minds running an offense at the same time on the same team kept the opposing teams defensive coordinators up at night. At one point during his tenure at Tech, named Sonny one of the Nation’s top ten recruiters.

Since Sonny’s arrival at Louisiana Tech in 2010, he has improved on each season. 2010 record was 5-7, 2011 was 8-5 and they are sitting at 9-1 so far for 2012. Their only loss came against the Texas A&M Aggies. The Bulldogs offense sits atop all of the offensive rankings in the FBS, with their total offense sitting at No. 1.

The BCS selection procedures state that a non-automatic qualifying team can earn an automatic bid by finishing in the top 12 or if it finishes in the top 16 and is ranked higher than an conference winner of an automatic qualifier. With where the Big East and the B1G are currently ranked, this is possible. The Bulldogs would only have to move up 4 spots and a couple of teams in front of them are playing each other, so it’s inevitable that someone will drop.

Regardless of where the Bulldogs end up in the postseason, it is undeniable that Sonny Dykes has been doing great things for the program. His coaching stock is going up and with all the teams that will be in need of a head coach soon, let’s hope the Bulldogs do everything they can to keep him in Ruston.




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