University Of Hawai'i Warriors Set To Bring In Jordan Wynn As Quarterbacks Coach

By Rick Stavig
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The University of Hawai’i Warriors have already made a new addition in their coaching staff for next season.

Yes, it’s a little early for talks about coaching changes, but Hawai’i didn’t want to wait until after the season to announce it.  The big announcement? A new quarterbacks coach is coming to the islands.  A man by the name of Jordan Wynn.

That name probably sounds familiar.  Wynn has been the quarterback for the Utah Utes the past four years, all of which he’s had to battle injuries.  About two months ago, barely into his senior season, he injured his shoulder in the game against the Utah State Aggies.  The injury proved to be career ending.

This was the third season in a row in which his season was ended prematurely by a shoulder injury.

With his senior season and career over, Wynn continued hanging around the team and tutoring the teams younger quarterbacks.  Now he’ll be getting paid to do just that.

The Head Coach of Hawai’i, Norm Chow, jumped at the chance to bring in a smart veteran to help teach UH’s quarterbacks the Chow offense.  Chow was the Offensive Coordinator at Utah the past few seasons, and got to know Wynn very well.  He was incredibly impressed by his work ethic and his intelligence (Wynn graduated early with a degree in Economics).

Wynn technically isn’t replacing anyone on the UH staff, as there is no official quarterbacks coach on Chow’s staff.  Chow is known as the quarterback guru, so he’s been primarily working with the signal callers.  The new addition of Wynn will afford him more time to spend with other positions of the team.  This can do nothing but help a struggling 1-8 Hawai’i team.  At this rate, I would expect Chow to be making a few more changes to his staff before it’s all said and done.

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