It's Time For The SEC To Mix Up Their Late Season Schedule

By michaelcronin
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The SEC is still probably the consensus “best conference in the land” despite the fact they may not have a member in this year’s title game. Even with that esteemed status and all the chest pounding from the “Finebaum fanbase”, this weekend’s schedule is filled with cupcakes. Really.

When I think of November football, I dream of juicy top 25 match ups that have an impact on the national championship picture or at the very least division and conferences titles. The SEC has virtually none of that tomorrow. I know you can’t wait for Sam Houston State to take on the Texas A&M Aggies or the Florida Gators to host Jacksonville State. Truly scintillating!

I’d be especially irate if I’m a fan of one of these teams or even worse a season ticket holder. What do you prove by beating one of these cream puffs? I suppose you play for individual stats and perhaps school records because the BCS computers certainly don’t give a damn.

I’m more understanding when these games are played early in the year since college football doesn’t have a preseason but not now. Week 12 of the year is “prime real estate” of our fall journey.

Don’t tell me the league’s coaches can’t find another FBS level team they can play. All the athletic departments in the conference have huge athletic budgets. They can pony up a check even for a lesser FBS team. I’d hit up the Sun Belt or Conference USA which are both primarily located in the south, problem solved right there. To put these games even on the schedule is a cop out. You mind as well just have an open date. Paranoia over injuries is stupid. They can happen at nearly anytime. If anything, the FCS schools should worry about their physically inferior players and the risk they are taking this late in the season.

Hopefully SEC commissioner Mike Slive gets the message or perhaps even someone from the NCAA. Don’t cheat your fans during some of the best weeks in the college football season.

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