Public Reprimand Not Enough By Big 12 To Tommy Tuberville

By Rick Stavig
Andrew Weber- US PRESSWIRE

Last weekend, in a thrilling double overtime win against the Jayhawks from Kansas University, Texas Tech Red Raiders Head Coach Tommy Tuberville did the unthinkable.

He slapped an assistant coach across the face so hard that his headset went flying.

The video of Tuberville slapping Tech Graduate Assistant Coach Kevin Oliver, went viral within moments of being seen on television.  After the game, Tuberville tried to avoid questions regarding the matter, and when forced to answer said “He was on the field, I reached to grab him and pull him off, and when I pulled I missed his shirt and I grabbed his facemask — or his microphone — and it just ripped off his head. I was trying to get him off the field.”

Tuberville then must have seen the video evidence of the incident he downright lied about-that he didn’t slap the young coach- and issued an apology.

So what’s the punishment that the Big 12 is issuing for this reprehensible act? A “public reprimand”.

Excuse me? That’s it? A public reprimand?

How that’s even considered a punishment is beyond me.  How Tuberville isn’t getting suspended is even further beyond me.

It almost makes you think that the conference condones such action considering it’s lack of judgement on the issue.

A coach doesn’t have the right to physically attack a single person on the football field.  Not a player, not a coach, not a trainer, not a ref, not the chain crew, not anyone.  And for doing so, and doing it so blatantly for the world to see, merits strict and swift punishment.  And that punishment should be more than a silly “public reprimand”.

This is whole scene is truly a shame.  Tuberville is supposed to be teaching these young boys how to be men.  To do things the right way.  To get good grades and earn a degree.  To stay out of trouble with ‘Johnny Law’.  And parents should willingly let their young sons go off to school and learn from this man?  Who slaps a young man in the face for a simple mistake?

Get serious.  Even if the Big 12 isn’t interested in setting a proper example of a pathetic coach looking for someone to blame, then the school should.  After all, they were quick to pass judgement on their last coach, Mike Leach, for allegedly putting a player in a shed when he had a concussion. Now they need to practice what they preach.  Stay consistent.  If that was enough for Leach to be canned, then this is surely enough for Tuberville to be.

Texas Tech needs to do the right thing, and put a respectable man in charge of their football program.

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