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10 Possible BCS Bowl Matchups

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10 Possible BCS Bowl Matchups

Scott Olmos - US Presswire

BCS bowl games in their current state aren't quite the fair structure that most college football fans have in mind when trying to determine a national champion, but they are still loads of fun none-the-less.

It's been an exciting season in college football. Teams that were picked to go from wire to wire at the beginning of the year have fallen by the wayside. Other teams that no one could have even begin to speculate about have risen from obscurity to the level of national prominence.

As is the game of football. You never truly know anything until it's played out. Indeed, that's why they play the game.

With a lot more of the BCS picture emerging from the fog, it's a little bit more reasonable for us to step back and speculate at some of the possible match-ups. As they stand right now, some of them are easy t predict. But folks, we still have games to be played.

You can always look at who the No. 1 and No. 2 teams are at any given time and think about the possible game, but with so many possibilities about the BCS National Championship game, and the other BCS bowl games, let's examine 10 possible games that you might see on a television near you after the first of the new year.

Although some of there games won't quite pan out into reality, it doesn't make it less fun to think about the what-ifs...and of course touch on some of the games that we will actually see. Which ones those are however, still must be decided on the field.

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Rose Bowl: Notre Dame - Nebraska

Matt Cashore / Bruce Thorson - US Presswire

The game that has the most possible conferences and teams will be, this season, the one that is sewn up with the most predictable game if the current teams at the top stay on track. If the Notre Dame Fighting Irish don't make it to the championship game, they get picked for this game and play the Big Ten champion who is going to be the Nebraska Cornhuskers. An entertaining contest with great fans bases, a true classic.

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Orange Bowl: Florida State - Rutgers

Bob Donnan / Jim O'Connor - US Presswire

One of the biggest injustices in the minds of Florida State Seminoles fans, coaches and players has been their unattractive BCS ranking despite the fact that their record and performance have been pretty solid.

But revenge is sweet as the champions of the ACC will play the champions of the Big East in what will be an absolute slaughter. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are one of the possibilities.

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Orange Bowl: Florida State - Louisville

Bob Donnon / Mark Konezny - US Presswire

The other possibility for Florida State are the Louisville Cardinals. Although they currently don't have the record Rutgers has now with their conference loss, the big game between Louisville and Rutgers on Nov. 29 will likely decide who represents the Big East in this game. In either case, the Seminoles look to cruise.

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Sugar Bowl: Georgia - Clemson

Daniel Shirey / Joshua S. Kelly - US Presswire

This game comes about if the Georgia Bulldogs can beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC championship game.

The Clemson Tigers get in as an at-large selection after having an amazing regular season, giving the ACC some well-deserved credibility and respect. It's always easy to say that the SEC would be favored in a game like this, but you simply cannot count out Clemson this season.

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Sugar Bowl: Alabama - Clemson

John David Mercer / Joshua S. Kelly - US Presswire

This game comes about if Alabama is able to beat Georgia in the SEC championship game. Even with a win over an amazing Georgia team, there's simply no hope for Alabama to get into the national championship game and even give the SEC a chance to repeat.

But on the plus side for the SEC, if they can't play in the game, they can't lose, so it leaves the SEC's record in national championship games at a certainty of not taking a strike against themselves.

It's doubtful that any other at-large team is selected here besides Clemson, baring an unforeseen meltdown.

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Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma - Texas A&M

Denny Medley / John David Mercer - US Presswire

What a fun game this would be.

This isn't a great situation for the Big 12. The feeling might be something like seeing your ex with a new partner immediately after a break-up. The taste toward the Texas A&M Aggies is still bitter regarding their departure, but the Big 12 will get the same amount of money for this game as the SEC all the same.

Officially it's the Big 12 champion against an at-large selection, and while the Oklahoma Sooners are clearly in the driver's seat to participate in this game, Texas A&M is not. The Fiesta Bowl has long had a great tie to that conference, and although they may not want to offend them by picking Texas A&M, the match-up and the marketability of Johnny Manziel far outweighs any feelings in this one.

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Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State - Alabama

Matthew Emmons / John David Mercer - US Presswire

Although I do not see this game happening, don't tell that to the Texas Longhorns, who would love nothing more than to beat the Kansas State Wildcats at the end of the regular season and force Oklahoma out of a BCS game--yes it's that serious.

This is also where Alabama ends up if they lose to Georgia in the SEC championship game. Regardless, Alabama has a pretty good setup despite the fact they will need a miracle to play for the national championship. Their presence in a BCS bowl is a must, and even with two losses, putting them up against the Big 12 champion is an extremely attractive match.

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National Championship: Oregon - Notre Dame

Kelley L. Cox / Mark L. Baer - US Presswire

Now we get to the fun stuff. If Kansas State were to lose to Texas, this would be your national championship game.

The Oregon Ducks' high-flying offense would be too much for the Irish, whose only chance would be a downright miracle. Notre Dame has looked sloppy in some of their wins against questionable opponents. Oregon on the other hand has destroyed everything they've come into contact with. This game would probably not be close, with Oregon coming out as the victor.

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National Championship: Kansas State - Notre Dame

Matthew Emmons / Matt Cashore - US Presswire

Oregon does have a couple more tough games on their schedule, and although I don't see them likely losing any regular season games, this would be the national championship match-up if they did.

Again, while Notre Dame made it to this game with an unbeaten record, some of their wins have been questionable at best. Kansas State's advantage comes from their amazing defense and their ability to shut down the run...Notre Dame would just simply not be able to execute against the Wildcats. A great game for a while, but Kansas State would pull away as the victor with their first ever national championship.

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National Championship: Kansas State - Oregon

Scott Sewell / Scott Olmos - US Presswire

And folks, here it is, the mother of all games. This one you likely will see, and people simply cannot wait.

Oregon fans as well as the entire Pac-12 will be cheering on the Ducks to have them prove that the conference on the west coast is truly elite. Oregon's offense has met everything in it's path and torn it to the ground.

But that wouldn't be the story line at the end of this one; there's simply too much heart in Collin Klein to let this team lose after making it this far. An amazing Kansas State defense is able to rattle the Ducks, but the real story will be the Wildcats' ball control which simply allows them to dictate the pace of the game. Every time the Ducks get possession, there's way too much pressure and the Kansas State Wildcats will have their first ever BCS National Championship.

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