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College Football Power Rankings: Top 10 Overrated Players of 2012

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Top 10 Overrated College Football Players


Before each new college football season there are certain players that receive the majority of the attention from the national media. They are hyped up and their expectations increase ten fold as a result.

Often times certain players are unable to live up to their high expectations and they have a disappointing season. There are a lot of different factors that attribute to a player not reaching expectations. The expectations for them are set unreasonably high, their team struggles and that affects their success and finally they just might not be as good as everyone perceives them to be.

That's what this list is for. The players in this list had very high expectations coming into the 2012 season but they have not lived up to them.

Players that face the most scrutiny are often playing in the biggest conferences and that's certainly the case with the most overrated players in college football. The SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac 12 conferences are well represented here. What tends to happen is that players from those conferences are hyped nationally, partly based on their school affiliation, when they might not deserve the spotlight.

Basically what it all comes down to is that these players have just not played as well as they were predicted to and therefore become overrated.

So without further ado here are the most overrated college football players in the 2012 season.

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10. QB Tyler Bray- Tennessee

Daniel Shirey- US PRESSWIRE

This was supposed to be Bray's year to breakout but he hindered that expectation before the season even started.

Bray's off the field issues once again reared its ugly head and he was accused of vandalism after tossing beer bottles off of his apartment balcony onto some parked cars. Not the smartest move from the junior and although it doesn't directly affect his on-field performance it certainly played a part.

He leads the SEC in interceptions thrown during league games with nine and he's thrown ten interceptions overall. His other numbers aren't bad but he has not played his best when the Vols needed him the most.

Against the top SEC teams, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, Bray's thrown seven interceptions while passing for only four touchdowns. Top tier players play their best against the best and that's not been the case for Bray.

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9. RB Silas Redd- USC

Steven Bisig- US PRESSWIRE

One of the biggest off-season stories in college football was the Penn State sanctions and their effect on the rest of the country. Due to the unfortunate circumstances the NCAA granted a special transfer rule for Penn State players that would allow them to be eligible to play this season for another team without having to sit out the required year.

The biggest name to leave State College for greener pastures was Silas Redd but as it turns out the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Redd was supposed to be the final piece to the USC national championship puzzle but both Redd and the team have sputtered to mediocre seasons. Redd's numbers on the season aren't terrible but they're nowhere near what the Trojans expected when he arrived. So far he's rushed for 732 yards and 9 TDs but he's been very inconsistent week-to-week and has not played well in their big games.

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8. CB Ricardo Allen- Purdue

Andrew Weber- US PRESSWIRE

A perennial preseason All-Big Ten first team selection, Allen has been unable to live up to the lofty expectations this season.

His numbers are weak (31 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT) and against the better teams that Purdue has faced this year he has been relatively ineffective. Against Notre Dame he only had four tackles, against Michigan only one tackle and against Wisconsin he only had three tackles.

Big players play well in big time games but it seems that Allen is not quite there yet.

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7. RB Onterio McCalebb- Auburn


Auburn is in the midst of one of their worst seasons in school history. They are still defeated in SEC games (0-7) but the one constant they thought they could rely on is the play of RB McCalebb but that has not been the case.

McCalebb is the ninth leading rusher in school history but he's struggled so much this season that his role has diminished almost every week. Over the last three games alone, he's been handed one carry against Texas A&M, eight against New Mexico State and two in Auburn's loss to Georgia.

It's been a struggle for both Auburn and McCalebb this year and that's how he finds his way onto this list.

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6. S Bacarri Rambo- Georgia


Rambo was suspended for the first four games this season after testing positive for drugs and since his return he has posted decent numbers but overall he's playing below his capabilities.

In his second game back from suspension South Carolina torched the Georgia defense and Rambo didn't offer too much resistance. Since that game he's been rather inconsistent while the team overall has played very well.

He'll have more opportunities to perform seeing that the Bulldogs will be playing in the SEC championship game and possibly a BCS bowl game. Until then he will remain on this list.

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5. CB Nigel Malone- Kansas State

Scott Sewell- US PRESSWIRE

After being a member of the All-Big 12 first team last year expectations for Malone were sky high this year but he has not lived up to his billing.

It's hard to duplicate a season in which he had a league-leading seven interceptions and it's been a bit of a struggle for him this year. He only has two picks through ten games so it's looking more and more like last season was just a flash in the pan.

However, Kansas State is the number one team in the country so he has that to be happy about.

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4. QB Aaron Murray- Georgia

Daniel Shirey- US PRESSWIRE

You may be thinking why Murray is on this list, let alone number four, but let me explain.

He certainly has put up nice numbers but he doesn't get the most productivity out of his second tier players like the good QB's do. He also has played poorly in Georgia's biggest games this season.

Against South Carolina he threw for just 109 yards and 1 INT and against Florida he had his worst game of the year throwing for 150 yards and three picks. If it wasn't for the Gators turning the ball over six times themselves the Bulldogs would have likely lost.

Murray has some time left to prove himself but up to this point he's been overrated.

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3. QB Denard Robinson- Michigan

Rick Osentoski- US PRESSWIRE

Robinson is one of the most overrated players in the country and he was exposed in their opening week loss to Alabama. The Tide showed what would happen if you make Robinson one-dimensional and contain him in the pocket and it further cemented the thought of Robinson just as an athlete.

His rushing numbers this year are pretty good but teams have keyed on that and tried to make him throw the ball. When he does throw the ball it doesn't lead to success as he's thrown for only 1319 yards and nine interceptions.

Shoelace has not lived up to his expectations this year after being an early season Heisman candidate.

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2. QB Landry Jones- Oklahoma


Jones has fallen back to earth after being a sure-fire first round NFL pick just a season ago. He's struggled mightily without his top pass-catcher Ryan Broyles this season and his draft stock has taken a major hit.

His numbers are pedestrian (2,691 yards, 18 TD, 7 INT) and his performance in the Sooners' biggest games has been mediocre at best. Against Kansas State he threw for 299 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT while against Notre Dame he threw for 356 yards, no TDs and 1 INT.

When the team needed him most he hasn't performed well and it has seriously dinged his perception across the country.

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1. QB Logan Thomas- Virginia Tech

Steve Mitchell- US PRESSWIRE

Virginia Tech always starts the season off with lofty expectations and usually they are unable to fulfill them. The same thing can be said about them again this season, especially their QB Thomas but like the Hokies Thomas has fallen way short of the expectations set for him.

It may be time to just call it like it is and say that Thomas just isn't very good. He has the size to be good but it just hasn't translated to his play on the field. In the Hokies big games he has played poorly and he has been unable to lead them back in any game where they are trailing.

Inconsistent is just one way to describe his season. On the season Thomas has thrown for 2,407 yards but his completion percentage is a mere 53.6%. He has thrown 14 TDs, but he has also thrown for 14 INTs.