NCAA Rumors: Maryland, Rutgers Could Join Big Ten

By Marc Jenkins
Big Ten Could Add Maryland and Rutgers
Reid Compton-US Presswire

The makeup of teams within conferences across the nation seem to switch almost every single year with teams jumping ship from one league to another. Contracts expire, more lucrative opportunities present themselves and suddenly athletic programs leap frog from competing against teams on one side of the country to another many times ruining traditional rivalries and sometimes setting future ones.

According to sources the Big Ten are currently attempting to gain to more universities to the already strong stable of 12 members; those new members are reportedly the Maryland Terripans and the Rutgers Scarlett Knights.

In luring Maryland away from the ACC and Rutgers from the Big East, the Big Ten hopes to cash in with 14 teams when the time comes for the league to negotiate a new media rights deal when their current contract expires in 2017.

Maryland could face a financial issue as the ACC just recently raised their exit fee for a university from $20 million to $50 million. The Terripans athletic programs have already hit a cash flow snag with the recent decision made by the university to cut several sports programs. That could be an issue for Rutgers getting to the Big Ten also because unless the league finds another team that would leave them with an unbalanced amount of programs at 13. Sources have stated however if Maryland goes then Rutgers is certain to follow.

An official announcement that the conference is courting the two universities could come as soon as Monday but the sources said there is no date set for the announcement.

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