BCS Rankings: The Morning After Doomsday

By Zach Pugh
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The world as we knew it is over, what took a long time to build has now been destroyed in one day. That’s all it takes to completely take down everything that made sense. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s how I’m looking at the college football world this morning. Yesterday, things made sense, there was purpose, now all the stability there was assumed to be in the BCS Rankings has faded. The world has fallen into darkness. Sorry, getting dramatic again. Where do we go from here?

Once again we could witness an SEC exclusive BCS Championship. One thing is certain, maybe, the final game of the year will feature a team from the Southeastern Conference. The biggest problem with that will be the fact one of the teams won’t have the title of the SEC champ. A team that didn’t win their conference has no place in the national championship. But what does it matter? This is total anarchy in the end of the world.

All the what-if scenarios that seemed unfathomable have started to take shape as reality. Remember when there was the possibility of the Alabama Crimson Tide sneaking back into the national title? Well, there’s no reason not to assume they will be ranked No. 2 behind the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the new BCS rankings. It was crazy talk to mention what happens when two of the top three undefeated teams go down; here we are living that exact possibility.

The Oregon Ducks just can’t seem to get over the hump. Once again their national title hopes have been abolished by a team that is more physical. The Stanford Cardinal were able to hold the Ducks to under 200 yards rushing when they had averaged 325 yards a game through the first 10 games.

Even more impressive was how the Cardinal front seven only allowed four runs of 10 plus yards when the Ducks had been averaging a little over 10 a game. Even more impressive was how the Cardinal front seven also held the quack-attack ground game to 10 rushing attempts that didn’t make it past the line of scrimmage.

And then there is the Kansas State Wildcats. They just couldn’t get past the Baylor Bears. In reality, they got smacked around by a team with an efficient offense and the K-State offense was forced into playing a style they aren’t built for. The Wildcats can put up points, but can’t win a shoot-out.

Simply put, the Wildcats couldn’t establish a running game and the Bears ran all over the KSU defense. Going into Saturday’s match-up against the Bears, the Wildcats hadn’t allowed a rushing touchdown of at least 15 yards, they allowed two on Saturday.

And then there is the race for the Heisman Trophy. This race has contributed to the end of the college football world as well. In fact, it might be the zombie virus that started the plague. No freshman has ever won the most prestigious award and now the front-runner seems to be the freshman phenom Johnny Manziel. Collin Klein didn’t help his case last night, not because his team lost, but because he threw three interceptions against one of the worst defenses in the country.

Kenjon Barner failed to score a rushing touchdown and only ran for 66 yards, but he might get a little more leeway because he faltered against the best rushing defense in the country. Mister Johnny Football himself comes out of Saturday as the new favorite and this isn’t to say he doesn’t deserve it, but just like the expression “when pigs fly,” there’s also a saying “when a freshman wins the Heisman.”

Yesterday was the day we said goodbye to sense and reason and gave birth to a new age after the world ended. We now have a new beginning and a completely different end to the season than we assumed a week ago, but this is why we love college football.


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