Twitter on Fire With BCS Upsets, New BCS Title Game

By Dan Irwin
Baylor Bears
Matthew Emmons – US Presswire

Social media was set on fire Saturday night with the massive dual upsets of both the No. 1 Kansas State Wildcats and the No. 2 Oregon Ducks in a day that college football will remember for years.

The two upsets were conformed within the same hour, but their impact will last for years as college football was shaken by its foundation on Saturday.

Twitter was ablaze with real-time analysis from every pundit known to man, as well as puns regarding the impact of the games.

“@SDS K-State losing by 28 to sub-.500 Baylor is going to drop like Groupon stock.” – @CecilHurt

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff may have said it best by saying, “The BCS standings might as well be the SEC standings tomorrow.”

Indeed, not only is the current No. 3 team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, in line to be the new No. 1 team in the nation, but the SEC’s Georgia Bulldogs now officially control their own destiny to the BCS National Championship game.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are now in line to be the new No. 2 team, and also control their own destiny to the national championship now.

Indeed, November 17 was the day that college football was busted wide open.

This is the first time that both the No. 1 and No. 2 team in teh BCS lost on the same day since Dec. 1 2007 when the Missouri Tigers and the West Virginia Mountaineers lost on the same day.

It was also pointed out on Twitter by several people at the same time, that if the Stanford Cardinal beats the UCLA Bruins next week, the same two teams will meet at Stanford to play for the Pac-12 Championship.

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