Big 10 Expanding; What's Next For The Big 12?

By Amanda Staver
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Filed away in the “wish it would go away but never will” department for me is conference realignment. On Monday, both the Maryland Terrapins and Rutgers Scarlet Knights Boards of Regents voted and agreed to move to the B1G Conference.

Conference realignment has been part of the discussion, especially for the Big XII conference since the departure of the Colorado Buffaloes and Nebraska Cornhuskers back in 2010. Since their departure, followed by the Texas A&M Aggies and Missouri Tigers the very next year, the Big XII has been relegated to just 10 teams. After some major overhauling, the Big XII added the West Virginia Mountaineers and TCU Horned Frogs and continued to stay the little conference that could.

There is no longer a conference title game, which, in my opinion doesn’t help the conference one bit. While the Big XII is still a strong conference with legitimate contenders each season, having a conference title game would only help their chances.

It seemed inevitable that teams would start to move towards “super conference” format. Out of all the conferences, I thought it would be the SEC that took the lead on this first. Jim Delaney and the B1G are apparently the first to strike, so who will go next? If the Big XII doesn’t want to continue to be poached off, they are going to have to step here and make a move.

There are plenty of viable options that would bring more to the table than just football when you look at the big alignment picture. The Big East is also going to be moving fast in order to keep their conference alive, which seems to be something that they have been grasping at for a while now.

Did Big XII commish Bob Bowlsby wait too long or is there a plan in place? Mum has been the word since adding the two latest teams to the conference and when asked he says they aren’t looking to expand right now. This was before recent events, so it would be interesting to hear his thoughts now. Expanding would be the best thing, in my opinion, in order to stay afloat and competitive. Maybe those Florida State Seminoles and Clemson Tigers to the Big XII rumors weren’t so crazy after all.

If you follow realignment at all, you know the rumors will change on the hour. Stay-tuned, as this should get entertaining. If you’re into that kind of thing.


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