Instant Analysis of the BCS Rankings for Week 13

Georgia Bulldogs

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A college football cluster bomb went off on Saturday as the 1st and 2nd ranked teams in the BCS both lost, and with that the doors were opened up for all manner of madness, discussion and potential championship game scenarios. Let’s take a quick peek at the top of the new BCS rankings and see what smells.

The top team as the dust settles is of course Notre Dame, who did what they needed to do and won this past weekend. With only a single game left against a USC team that is minus their starting quarterback Matt Barkley, the Fighting Irish appear to be locked into one of the coveted BCS championship title game spots.

But the debate begins after this. The next 3 teams are all SEC squads, which is sure to to agitate fans all over the country. And while I am not sure all 3 SEC teams deserved to vault ahead of Kansas State and Oregon fresh off losses, it’s always been true that the later you lose, the bigger the hit you take.

Please understand I don’t claim to be a BCS expert like Brad Edwards, so excuse me if I don’t understand every permutation of how each team in the top 6-8 can get to No.2. But I understand this much. Alabama who is at No. 2, and Georgia at No. 3 both have very winnable games next week. And so assuming they both win, would meet in the SEC title game with the winner going to Miami to take on the Fighting Irish.

Obviously anything is possible, but I always prefer to work on the most likely scenario until it’s not the most likely. For a non-SEC team to get into the title game at this point it wold take at least one loss by all 3 of the SEC teams ranked 2-4, plus those teams behind them must all win. Anything is possible I suppose as we say this past weekend, but this would be more of a case of EVERYTHING being possible. And for all the critics of the BCS, this past weekend and all the excitement that took place would be reduced to almost nothing if there were a playoff in place. Teams are playing for their season now, rather than just playoff seeding. Hate that is going to go away.

Like it or not it seems very likely at this point that the SEC is going to have a shot at another BCS championship. And I’m not sure that no matter which of the 3 teams make it, they wouldn’t be favored over Notre Dame. But the best part of it is, we still have a couple of weeks of college football to see what happens, and this season has proven that college football really is the greatest sport in the world.

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