Rutgers To Announce Move To The Big Ten On Tuesday

By Riley Schmitt
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

At one point, it seemed like college expansion was dead. Unfortunately, the Big Ten decided to bring it back. After Maryland announced that they would be joining the conference, it appears that Rutgers will do the same on Tuesday.

These moves are not shocking, but a lot of people are having strange reactions to them.  The conference did not add these teams to get better at sports.  They added these two teams because they add new TV markets, which means more money for the Big Ten Network.  It might seem a bit strange, but it is all about money these days.

The addition of Rutgers adds the most debate.  There is not a lot of support for the belief that the team opens up the New York market to the conference.  However, it does open some recruiting ground in New Jersey and adds those television sets.  It might not be the home run that people would expect, but it will do enough of a job to get things moving.

As far as football goes, I expect Rutgers to be a mid to lower level team in the Big Ten.  I think they will make bowl games but eight wins seasons would be totally shocking.  Expect a lot of six and seven win years.  It may not be pretty, but the school will be making bank.

Tradition is out the window.  This is the new world of college football that we live in.

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