UConn Could Join ACC On Tuesday

By Riley Schmitt

UConn is just the latest school to get caught up in realignment in college sports. After the moves that happened on Monday, it appears that the Huskies are looking for a new conference. If the reports are to believed, the school will be a member of the ACC sooner rather than later.

Trust me, this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  After all of the moves that the Big Ten pulled off, other conferences are looking to make moves as well. This move makes sense, as other Big East teams have already jumped ship.  This puts that conference in serious jeopardy, but this also puts the ACC in an odd spot.

Some of the power schools in the conference could see the writing on the wall and they may be looking to make a jump, as well.  After we had a year with somewhat calm waters, it is about to become another storm in college sports.  Expect more rumors to start popping up daily, as schools look to position themselves for the future.

This is going to set off a chain reaction.  There is no way that this does not cause a bigger shuffle down the road.  Other teams see that the money is going to start flowing in only a few directions.  You have to get in a big conference before the music stops.  UConn may be proactive, but it might just be the tipping point in realignment.

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