California Fires Head Coach Jeff Tedford

By Riley Schmitt

Jeff Tedford has been the main guy at California since 2002. After a fairly decent start to his coaching career, the wheels have fallen off the last three years. A record of 15-22 is not going to get it done anywhere so it comes as no surprise that the school has decided to go a different direction.

The sad thing about the Tedford-coached Bears is that they peaked in 2006 with a 10 win season.  After that, it has been a slow slide into the bottom of the conference.  Not exactly a good way to keep job security.  I am sure that Tedford expected this and there will be some schools that will go after him.  I don’t expect him to be a head coach next season but a coordinator position would probably work.

The one thing that most people will remember about Tedford is the knock on how his quarterbacks can’t play at the next level.  Outside of Aaron Rodgers, his QBs have been terrible flops in the NFL.  He may be able to have success at the college level, but his guys get manhandled once they make the league.  Once again, that is not the best way to make an impression on people.

With this position now open, there will be a lot of coaching moves over the next few months.  A lot of teams have decided to get rid of coaches, so you have to think this was done so Cal can move quickly on a guy.   Maybe this guy can get the team out of the gutter.

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