The ACC Should Adopt New Divisions

By Ryan McCart
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Maryland’s departure to the Big 10 came as a surprise to the ACC and has put the conference in a bind, but that hasn’t diminished the spirits of North Carolina State head coach Tom O’Brien. The Wolfpack’s coach has come up with an idea that at first seems ridiculous but upon second viewing seems absolutely spectacular. The idea is that in 2014 the divisions should be changed from the Atlantic and Coastal divisions to the old guys and new guys.

The old guys would consist of the older members of the ACC while the new guys would consist of the teams that have moved to the conference since 2004. I love this idea, although logistically it won’t work. It wouldn’t work because after Maryland leaves there will be eight “old guy” teams to only five “new guy” ones (in football).

Tell me this idea isn’t great. On one side of the bracket you would have the original ACC and on the other you would have the remnants of the old Big East. It seems like a great marriage. Most people tend to forget this now (because the Big East is so atrocious), but back in the late 90’s and early 00’s the Big East was one of the best football conferences in the country, and all five of the “new guys” were originally in the conference. This division would consist of Boston College, Miami, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Virginia Tech.

The old guys division would include Duke, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Wake Forest. Of course the numbers in this scenario don’t work, but it would make for an exciting ACC Championship Game; the old guard of the ACC vs. the former Big East elite.

Now the fact that Maryland will leave means that a spot has opened up for another team to join the ACC and in all likelihood that team will once again come from the Big East. That would even out the numbers a bit, but one team from the “old guys” division would have to join the “new guys”. My vote would be to have Florida State crossover, because they were the last team to join the ACC prior to the big expansion in 2004. The move would make the “new guys” vs. “old guys” motif complete.

Originally this idea seemed to be a slight pot shot at Maryland for defecting, and a little bit degrading to the newer teams in the conference because it was about being “traditionalists”, but upon further consideration this idea has a way of growing on you. This idea would work and it would be amazing to see but it won’t be put into practice seeing as, outside of Maryland’s replacement, the future divisions are set. However, it is a fun idea and in my opinion the ACC should seriously look into this idea in the future.

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