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NCAA Football’s 20 Most Hilarious Pictures From the 2012 Season

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NCAA Football's 20 Most Hilarious Pictures From the 2012 Season

Chuck Cook - US Presswire

It's been quite the year in college football. The preseason No. 1 team may not even end up being ranked when everything is said and done. Teams that we thought were going to be mediocre are threatening to play for the BCS National Championship. Maybe all that Mayan calendar 2012 hodgepodge has some validity to it.

Forgotten and lost in all the football fireworks that are going off, are the people who call these fields their office. Men and women across the country travel the country every day, including holidays, just to bring pictures of the best sporting events to our computers and newspapers. With so many games, and so many clicks of the camera, let me be the first to tell you that there's quite a healthy selection of prints.

Going through these images on a daily basis, some of the more hilarious ones have been saved for just this moment. Some of them are funny on different levels than others--some you may find funnier than others--but funny all the same.

It takes hard work and dedication by these photographers to produce the images they do, with such demand on them. It takes a bit of luck to be included in this particular countdown.

If your team is represented on here in a bad light, I'm sorry. Also there are some teams pictured more than once, but there was no team bias that went in to picking these photos, just the qualification of tickling the ol' funny bone in one way or another. So here you are, the top 20 most hilarious photos of the 2012 season so far, beginning with No. 20...

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No. 20: Swoop on a Motorcycle

Kirby Lee - US Presswire

The Utah Utes mascot Swoop is seen here riding in on a motorcycle. This isn't apart of any tradition or gimmick; he was just riding in on a motorcycle.

Picture was taken Oct. 4 before Utah's game against the USC Trojans. For the record, you do not have to wear a helmet in Utah if you're age 18 or older. Always wear a helmet, kids.

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No. 19: Manziel Stiffarm

John David Mercer - US Presswire

There were quite a few images of solid stiffarms this season, but this one by far takes the cake.

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback and Heisman trophy candidate Johnny Manziel is seen here posterizing Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Deion Belue. As most of us know, Texas A&M would go on to win this game. If I've offended any Alabama fans, trust me, I'll win you back later in this countdown.

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No. 18: Alabama Mario

John David Mercer - US Presswire

I realize that around Halloween, a lot of people come dressed in costumes. But the date this photo was taken was Sept. 29 as Alabama prepared to play the Ole Miss Rebels.

He--or she--certainly stands out, which I suppose was the idea. Nothing like crossing your love for Italian plumbers with that of American football.

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No. 17: The Wisconsin Sleeper

Mary Langenfeld - US Presswire

Why would you want to simply hold a player when you could put him away with an all-out sleeper hold? Ironically enough, this is only the No. 2 best "WWE move" on this countdown. It's no wonder Monte Ball is able to do so well, with Greco-Roman wrestlers leading the way for him.

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No. 16: Alabama A&M Aerial Plank

John Reed - US Presswire

Alabama A&M Bulldogs' defender Julius Williams has an aerial plank that most people can only dream about. You could try to achieve this shot a hundred times and still not get it. Mr. Williams, however, may be college football's planking champion. I realize planking has lost some of its steam, but don't tell that to someone who's in such good form as Williams.

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No. 15: MSU Taekwon-Do Kick

Spruce Derden - US Presswire

For whatever reason, the Mississippi State Bulldogs are represented on this countdown the most often. I'm not at all an MSU fan, that's just how the pictures worked.

Mississippi State defensive back Johnthan Banks is showing a kick that would make the American Taekwon-do Association proud. I mean a straight, raised kick with full extension. There's martial artists out there that are jealous.

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No. 14: Texas A&M Fans With Bear Bryant Statue

John David Mercer - US Presswire

Alabama fans are used to the opposing teams coming into Tuscaloosa and attempting to defile the statue of legendary coach "Bear" Bryant...not admire it.

But Bryant was also the coach at Texas A&M for three seasons, among which the famous training camps that coined the term "Junction Boys" came from. Bryant also had a Heisman winner at A&M in John David Crow in 1957, an award none of his Alabama players would ever win.

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No. 13: Ole Miss Pile

Chuck Cook - US Presswire

This may be one of the most awkward pile-ups I've ever seen. A little less of a pile, and more on the "up."

The best part is that linebacker Mike Marry (top), comes flying in like he's riding a hang-glider. Very graceful, I give his approach a 10.

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No. 12: The Water Bowl

Chuck Cook - US Presswire

I realize that you may have watched a game where it was raining and thought how tough it might be. You may have also watched a game that there was a ton of rain and thought, "I haven't seen it rain like this on a college football game in a while!"

There were all of those, and then there was the game on Sept. 29 between the Louisville Cardinals and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. You might was well call it the Water Bowl.

A poor Southern Miss offensive lineman looks like he might drown. Louisville defensive lineman DeAngelo Brown (97), looks like he may go for the slip-n-slide style takedown.

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No. 11: Dooley on a Stool

Randy Sartin - US Presswire

I thought that this was a picture that summed up former Tennessee Volunteers coach Derek Dooley's final season very well.

I was unaware when I made this countdown that Dooley was sitting because he in fact had hip surgery. As much as I would like to know everything about every college football player and coach, I simply cannot and am human. Photo was taken on Oct. 20 as his Vols team prepared to play Alabama. They would go on to lose this game.

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No. 10: Michigan Crazy Girl

Mike Carter - US Presswire

This is likely the girl my parents warned me about.

An unknown Michigan Wolverines fan charges the field following a 12-10 win over their in-state rival, the Michigan State Spartans on Oct. 20. Although it's unknown if the gal the the background (left) was one of her partner's in crime, they both look like they're having the same level of "fun." Somewhere there's a mother beaming with pride.

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No. 9: Frolic Away

Marvin Gentry - US Presswire

Troy Trojans wide receiver Chip Reeves looks like he might just fly away to avoid Mississippi State defender Darius Slay. Either that or bound away like a bunny.

In either event, I think it's safe to say that Reeves, had he been born in time, could have been one of the people that lived in the elf village in the movie Willow.

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No. 8: Eagle Blows Up Hokie

Greg M. Cooper - US Presswire

I'll admit that this one isn't as "ha-ha" funny as a lot of the other ones, but for some reason it brings out the same kind of reaction.

The guy delivering the hit is Boston College Eagles linebacker Nick Clancey. The guy on the not-so-good end of the exchange is Virginia Tech Hokies' wide receiver Demitri Knowles. Knowles would only be held to two catches for six yards, but did get the final laugh as the Hokies won in overtime.

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No. 7: Bulldog Knee

Spruce Derden - US Presswire

Mississippi State tight end Marcus Green didn't just try to move the ball against Tennessee, he showed off his best Street Fighter move as well. A lot of kicks and and UFC-style moves from this game, it's unknown if there were fighting scouts present.

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No. 6: Somebody's Smiling

Richard Rowe - US Presswire

The funniest part of this picture isn't the action on the field. If I were to tell you that one of the Oklahoma State Cowboys' coaches had money on Geno Smith to do well, who might you suspect as the number one culprit?

And don't worry, that's not at all what I'm insinuating. His smile in contrast to everyone else on the OSU sideline wearing a scowl is weird, and good enough to put this picture at No. 6 on the countdown.

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No. 5: Prince Impression?

Paul Abell - US Presswire

I'm not sure I know what to say about this. That's Clemson Tigers wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins before the opening game of the season against the Auburn Tigers. He's maybe trying to impersonate Prince, Deion Sanders or maybe both.

The best part of the picture is the mother and son on the right side, who absolutely do not know how to react. Hilarious...

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No. 4: Mizzouplex (Frame 1)

Denny Medley - US Presswire

The next item on the countdown will take up the next four slides. All credit in the world goes to the photographer Denny Medley on this. His four frames of this incident captures it well. Go head, click to animate at your own pace, back and forth multiple times if you'd like. I'll be waiting at frame four when you're done.

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No. 4: Mizzouplex (Frame 2)

Denny Medley - US Presswire

It's not looking good...

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No. 4: Mizzouplex (Frame 3)

Denny Medley - US Presswire

It's really not looking good...

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No. 4: Mizzouplex (Frame 4)

Denny Medley - US Presswire

Ouch. That's Missouri Tigers' running back Russell Hansbrough who is getting treated like someone's little brother. Alabama's LaMichael Fanning is the guilty party administering a suplex that The Undertaker would be proud of. But in college football, this will earn you a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Alabama would crush the Tigers in this pun intended.

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No. 3: Smack!

Kelley L. Cox - US Presswire

The only thing I can think when looking at this picture, is "What did the five fingers say to the face?"

That's a solid right. Open-handed, flat-footed...even on the facemask, no problem. Of course, there was in fact no actual slap to the face, but a hilarious still image that is pretty convincing.

And although it may look like California Golden Bears defender Steve Williams got the big "ha-ha" out of this moment, it was Washington Huskies tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins that caught this pass for a touchdown in the third quarter. The Huskies went on to win 21-13.

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No. 2: Boston College Derp

Matt Cashore - US Presswire

When I came across this picture, I just couldn't stop laughing.

Great catch by Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver John Goodman...but what is Boston College defender Sean Sylvia doing? He's either very flamboyantly frustrated, or he's working on being apart of the next big meme picture that sweeps the net.

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No. 1: The Foggy Tumble

Photo Courtesy Kevin Warren

And last but certainly not least, we have the No. 1 hilarious moment captured in picture from the college football season.

Mississippi State was psyched up for the start of the 2012 season as they opened up at home against the Jackson State Tigers. But the team was already having problems before they got on the every sense of the term.

Players stumbled over one another in the pregame fog, but regained composure. There were no injuries from the great fog tumble.

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