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Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater Breaks Left Wrist On Saturday

Joshua Lindsey-US PRESSWIRE

Saturday was not a great day to be a Louisville fan. They struggled in a home loss to an unranked UCONN team and their quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, was under pressure all game. This pressure led to Bridgewater breaking his left wrist during the game.

Don’t worry.  It sounds a lot worse than it actually is.  In fact, the fact that it is his non-throwing wrist means that Bridgwater is projected to play next week.  Pretty risky move, but if you pad it up well enough, he should be perfectly fine going forward.

Even if he is going to play, you do not want to see players like Bridgewater end up hurt.  He did his best to lead a comeback on Saturday but he just could not do it.  He was beat up all game but he showed tremendous heart throughout the game.  He played like a warrior on Saturday and that is all that you can ask.

We will see how the wrist ends up affecting Bridgewater next week.  The game against Rutgers has a lot of implications for both teams.  A healthy Bridgewater might swing the advantage to the Cardinals, but with him banged up, Rutgers might just win the game.

Hopefully he makes a full recovery and this does not hinder him going forward.