Ohio State's Braxton Miller Should Win Heisman Trophy

By Connor Muldowney

When you think Heisman, you think about national championship contender and leader. Well, Ohio State won’t be contending for a BCS National Championship this year because of their one-year bowl ban, but that hasn’t stopped Braxton Miller from impressing.

Miller and the Buckeyes beat their hated-rival Michigan in the final game of the regular season to improve their record to 12-0. First-year head coach Urban Meyer has the Buckeyes back into college football relevance and thinks highly of this team after an undefeated run.

“It’s a great team,” Meyer told ESPN after the victory. “We went 12-0. This is a great team. This will go down as one of the great teams in Ohio State history.”

To have a great team, one must have great players. Although Ohio State doesn’t have too many notable players, Braxton Miller stands out.

No player means more to his team in the entire country than Miller. The sophomore quarterback has accounted for over 3,000 all-purpose yards this season– about 1,200 rushing and a little over 1,800 passing.

Along with all of those yards came touchdowns. He had 27 total this season– 14 passing scores and 13 rushing. That’s an astonishing 162 points all by his lonesome. That is about 35 percent of the Buckeyes offense this season. Without Braxton, this team would not be talking about a 12-0 record and rolling over team after team on their way to perfection.

Miller is much improved this year in every category. Last season, the Buckeye fans were calling for a different quarterback as Miller was inconsistent and split time.

Nothing screams Heisman like overcoming adversity and Miller did just that. He wasn’t expected to be as good as he was this year under a new coach and new offensive system. What did he do? He thrived under the new offense, becoming the most dynamic player in the Big Ten.

No one thought the Buckeyes would do anything this year because of their postseason ban. What did they do? They go from 6-7 in 2011 to 12-0 in 2012 and if this was any other season, the Buckeyes would be playing for a national championship in January, being the best team in the country.

What makes Braxton Miller a Heisman favorite? He can create his own offense like no one else can. His offensive line has been sloppy and inconsistent all season and for Braxton to have the success that he has had, he had to scramble, dodge and dive for extra yards.

He showed immense amounts of courage, leading this team with no end reward to an unbeaten season. He showed all the heart in the world overcoming adversity week after week.

Sure, the Buckeyes had close games, but the best teams can win the close ones. In my opinion, the Heisman should go to the best player on the best team in the country. Best team in the country in my opnion? Ohio State. Best player– easy choice in Braxton Miller.

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