College Football: Playoffs are Already Here

By Allen Faul
Matt Cashore-US Presswire

Who can forget the BCS madness of two weeks ago?

It was that fateful night top ranked Kansas State Wildcats were knocked off their perch atop the college football by the Baylor Bears, the Oregon Ducks saw their title hopes drown in the silence of Autzen Stadium as Stanford kicker Jordan Williamson split the uprights with a 37 yard boot. In just minutes, the college football world was turned upside down.

Those who despise the Southeastern Conference immediately opened up their refrigerator and topped off their glass of “Hateraide” proclaiming that a college football playoff could not get here fast enough.  Perhaps it is time to put down the glass and realize that the playoffs are already here.

Every game in college football matters, however sometimes teams are given a second chance.  What is wrong with that? How did it hurt the game of college football to have eyes across the country glued to the television sets, increasing television ratings, thus increasing potential television revenues?  How did it hurt college football to see the jubilation in Tuscaloosa and Athens when Alabama and Georgia fans alike realized they had hope again?

It didn’t.  This is college football’s unconventional playoff.

While we want to see teams play their way into these marquee games, isn’t that what is done already?

The reason why an undefeated Notre Dame and 7-4 Southern California team was a prime time game and heavily watched contest is because it was a play-in game for the Fighting Irish.  If it was just another game and the “playoffs” were to begin the following week, do you really believe that the game would have had as much interest? I certainly don’t.

That is the same reason why this Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs will be heavily watched and is highly anticipated-because it is a play-in game.

Open up your eyes, sip some coffee and smell the roses. College football already has a playoff.

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