Bob Stoops Dismisses Rumors About Leaving the Oklahoma Sooners

By Amanda Staver

Any time there is a head coaching vacancy, the same names are thrown around and rumored to taking every position. Jon Gruden and Boise State Broncos head coach Chris Peterson apparently have accepted positions at multiple programs based on these rumors.

I have been listening to the Paul Finebaum show during the day a lot recently due to the SEC coaching carousel and for mid-day amusement. Just last week, a loyal SEC listener called in and was throwing out names he was “told” are in line to take the head coaching position for the Tennessee Volunteers. He named the typical: Gruden, Gary Patterson, Peterson, Bobby Petrino and then dropped a Bob Stoops bomb. The caller claimed he had inside information from someone who was “close to the program.” Don’t they all?

It gained some steam throughout the week, reaching Twitter and causing a bigger flurry of rumors, which is usually how these things get started in the first place. Well, it gained a big enough audience that during his Monday afternoon Oklahoma Sooners press conference, Stoops was asked about it. If you have listened to a Stoops press conference before, I’m sure this went over really well.

Stoops response when asked?

I like the job I have. I love the job I have and the people I work for, so I’ll try and keep it another year.

So there’s that. Stoops’ name has come up over the last couple of years every time there is an opening, not as much as Gruden’s, but quite a bit. So maybe that will quiet some the chatter–at least till next season, when people start getting fired again and the coaching carousel begins to turn once more.

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