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ACC To Talk Expansion On Wednesday Morning


The ACC has been at the center of college expansion and it looks like they are getting ready to fire back. After being poached by the Big Ten, the conference will have a discussion Wednesday morning to determine what school to add.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that the conference is going to add UCONN as its 14th member.  There has been discussion about other teams but I think that team is going to win out right now.  However, that is all subject to change.  If they pull a team from left field, I know it will not surprise anyone.

Update:  Good thing I’m not a betting man.  It appears that the conference will vote to add Louisville or no one.  Carry on.

A lot of people are going to pay attention to this meeting, even if it is at an ungodly hour for most of the country.  They  might want to move fast to get something done before anyone can figure out what is going on.  That also would not shock me.  The game of expansion has been to shock people and get stuff done before the figure out what is going on.  With rumors floating that the Big Ten isn’t done yet, this makes a ton of sense.

I am hoping that we can get all of this stuff resolved sooner rather than later.  That way, we can learn the teams in each conference before things get too out of hand.  Otherwise, it is going to be a mess to figure out.