Ellis Johnson Out As Southern Miss Football Coach

By Riley Schmitt

There is another open job on the college football market, but I am not sure if anyone is going to take it. Southern Miss has decided to part ways with head coach Ellis Johnson, and with good reason. The team went 0-12 and looked positively awful most of the season.

Not winning a game is sometimes okay if you simply do not have the players to do anything.  Butchering your job so badly that people are actually impressed that you landed the job in the first place is another thing.  I mean, they lost by 18 to Memphis.  Memphis!  That should have been the first signal that he was going to get axed.

I mean, this team went down the toilet faster than most teams in human history.  They went from ranked last year to winless this year.  Johnson must be a downright awful coach for that to happen.  I did not watch much Southern Miss football (thankfully), but there seemed to be major issues whenever they took the field.  You simply can not return that much talent and throw up an egg all year.

We will see if there is interest in this position.  The school actually has decent tradition and maybe a young coordinator can come in and use it as a stepping stone for new heights.  That could benefit both parties.  We did learn something important with this, however.  Sometimes great guys who wait a long time to coach simply run into the wrong situation.

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